General Magic Services - Budget / Funding Proposal (March - May 2022)

Proposal Information

Proposal description:
General Magic is proposing a budget to fund the services and support provided for the next 3 months (March, April, May 2022). The options for the mode of funding are detailed below and up for voting.

Proposal Rationale:
General Magic has supported Giveth since August 2020 and will continue to support Giveth while Giveth builds out their team. General Magic fills in the gaps providing resources of all kinds, actively contributing to the different working groups.

Team Information

Name Services/tasks to be delivered
Vitor Backend Development Support
Mitch Managing DAO tools and governance processes, User Testing / GIVeconomy, Facilitating Governance Calls, System Design feedback and ideation, Copy editing
Fabio Frontend Development Support
Marko Design
Rodri Design
Mo Design
Heather Hiring/Check-ins
Freshelle Accounting, Payroll Process, Paid Time-Off Monitoring, HR support, Work Agreement management
Pedro Frontend Development Support
Vyvy-vi Deploying and updating bots for Giveth
Ahmad Hiring, Screening Interviews, Candidate sources, Giveth Monthly Newsletter, Marketing Videos for Social Media, Donor onboarding course, SEO support
Jack NFT and Twitter Support

Funding Information

Option 1: Pay after the services have been rendered for each month (the current practice so far, based on actual billing)

Option 2*: Pay a Retainer every quarter, a 3-month estimate based on historical data with 15% margin.

Option 3: If you have other suggestions/ideas, please feel free to add your comments.

*The 3-month estimate would be $117,335.37. This is based on the amount billed to Giveth from December 2021, January and February 2022. This includes the 15% margin in case our services are underestimated.

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred (if Option 2 passes): 0xc8d65e1bd67f16522e3117b980e1c9d2caeb9dc3 (General Magic wallet address)

The amount requested will be from nrGIV in GIV tokens at the spot price when the vote is created.

How to pay General Magic?

  • Option 1: After services have been rendered - monthly (actual billing)
  • Option 2: Retainer every quarter, estimate based on last 3 months ($117,335.37 for March-May 2022)
  • Option 3: Other suggestion in comments
  • Abstain

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We’re onboarding Tosin as User Researcher next month, as a regular contributor. He already started working with us this month (GIVpower and Verified projects user research), and we will estimate the time allocation he will be doing for Giveth.
Having said that, I vote for Option 1 because it will allow us to bill the actual work in case of onboarding a new member or allocating GM resources differently based on the needs.


After 10 days of gathering advice/feedback on this proposal, 90% of 10 voters went for Option 1 where General Magic would request for the actual billing after services has been rendered on a monthly basis. We will continue to do this unless there would be another proposal revising the billing process and would be up for voting again. Thank you all!