General Magic Services (Proposal for Payment) - April 2022

Proposal Information

Proposal description:
General Magic is proposing to bill Giveth for the services and support provided for the month of April 2022. The new Giveth HR process was recently implemented. Contributors from General Magic will have a role proposal and work agreement with Giveth detailing the tasks and contributions. In the next months, their payments will be included with the Giveth Core Team.

Proposal Rationale:
General Magic has supported Giveth since August 2020 and will continue to support us while we build out our team. They fill in our gaps providing resources of all kinds, actively contributing to the different working groups.

Team Information

In April 2022, there were 14 General Magic contributors
Mitch, Fabio, Marko, Rodri, Mo, Heather, Freshelle, Pedro, Ahmad, Jack, Tosin, Yass, bends, Moe Shehab

Delivered services: HR upgrade, facilitate governance call, retroactive GIVbacks, minor front end development, token swaps, tokenomics, sending GIVbacks, stewarding the dao tools, maintaining documentation, Dune dashboard improvements, Design, Hiring/Check-ins, Payroll process, work agreements, Solved frontend issues on giveth dapp, Screening Interviews, Candidate sourcing, Giveth Monthly Newsletter, Marketing Videos for Social Media, SEO fixes, Donor 101 Course, Communications, Twitter, User Research Reports, Fundraiser, Communications, DevOps.

Detailed services for each person can be found here, including the previous records.

Funding Information

Amount of GIV requested: $45,620 worth of GIV

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred: 0xc8d65e1bd67f16522e3117b980e1c9d2caeb9dc3 (General Magic wallet address)

The amount requested will be from nrGIV in GIV tokens at the spot price when the vote is created.

Approve General Magic Services Payment (Apr 2022)

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Vote is now up - Aragon

45620 - DAI requested
GIVprice - 0.113824740013782
blocknumber - 22306545
45620 ÷ 0.113824740013782
400791.602901762 GIV requested