GIV Treasury Swap Proposal

Hey everyone! I am proposing we kick off planning and strategy for treasury swap.

Why are we doing a treasury swap?

  • Diversifying the Giveth treasury with other strategically aligned DAOs incentivizes alignment between the Giveth team and the counter-party DAO
  • Distribute GIV to mutually aligned partners and get their involvement in Giveth governance
  • Exposure in the ecosystem
  • By diversifying treasury and holding different assets, Giveth gets exposure to a bucket of assets, reducing volatility in the treasury

Potential projects:
Recommendations from Griff:
Recommendations from hotl:
$TOKE (this also came as an idea from someone at Giveth - maybe Willyfox?)

Milestone 1: Agree on target projects to create DAO proposals (Jan x?)
Milestone 2: Write proposals (TBD)
Milestone 3: Review/Submit (TBD)
Milestone 4: Swap Governance tokens (TBD)
(Looking to you all for ideas on when we could have target projects and proposals moving!)

@crusher (proposal writing), hotl (project management, writing?), @Lauren (:purple_heart:,:purple_heart:) (advisor?), willyfox (advisor?)
Anyone else I am missing who would be a good resource to involve?

Also, go easy on me - this is my first DAO proposal :stuck_out_tongue:


Pick Me!! :smiley:

I would be a good resource to push a lot of these concepts forward with the various communities

Anyone else want to help?