GIV Vault - Community led auto-compounding GIV farm charity vault

Announcing the GIV Vault!

An auto-compounding vault, open source & community driven, staking for the public good.

The vault harvests and re-stakes GIV every 10 minutes via the GIV Farm, and half of all APY is donated to verified Giveth projects every week.

Join the DAO to vote on where to donate raised charity funds, or let others vote on where to donate the funds on your behalf

Stake or withdraw from the vault at any time.

Why stake to the GIV Vault?
By staking your GIV to the vault, you are donating to charity for free! Your rewards are compounded automatically every 10 minutes, and half of all accumulated APY is donated to charity

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Wow this is super cool! Would it be possible in the future to incentivize different farms (i.e liquidity provision like GIV/ETH or soon GIV/xDAI) for the GIV Vault?