GivConnect Retreat and DevConnect 2023 Reimbursement

Proposal Information

Proposal description:

This is a proposal to reimburse the expenses Giveth incurred for the recently held GivConnect Retreat and DevConnect in Istanbul, Turkey last November 6 to 21, 2023.

Proposal Rationale:
This IRL event is the biggest one yet where around 40 of us gathered in person! :raised_hands:t4: Indeed, this was significant for Giveth and General Magic, giving us a chance to connect, work together, and share knowledge among the contributors in the Galaxy.

During the Retreat week, we had various activities like group sessions, working together in smaller groups, talking about our strategies and alignment, brainstorming ideas, figuring out what steps to take next, planning for the future, and even diving into a Gurves session. :space_invader: Finally, we had a nice team lunch by the sea.

During the DevConnect week, Griff had a lot of talks such as the this one about What’s the future of DAOs in the How to DAO event, as well as this talk in notDEVCON. Lauren also presented in the How to DAO event. Our contributors had the opportunity to promote Giveth in our booth at L2 days. All throughout the week, the team worked hard on bringing in new projects, gaining leads and potential partners, participating in side events for professional development, and a whole lot of networking to promote Giveth. Our contributors even won some prizes in the ETH Global Hackathon! :trophy:

The expenses included hotel accommodation, meals, flights, supplies and of course our awesome hoodie! These were crucial to make the event successful, allowing us to work together, learn, and connect.

Team Information

Giveth team (21): Alireza, Almond, Ashley, Carlos, Cherik, Cotabe, Dani, Franco, Griff, Lauren, Maryjaf, Mateo, Maye, Mitch, Mo, MoeNick, Mohammad Ranjbar, Ramin, Santi, Surbhi, Sem

General Magic team (17): Ahmad, Algene, Anamarija, Brichis, Eli, Freshelle, Guil, Heather, Jake, Kristina, Marko, Nico, Pedro, Rodri, Stee, Tosin, Zeptimus

Funding Information

To provide context, the total expenses are allocated between General Magic and Giveth based on the number of contributors per organization. Some figures are based on number of contributors plus their plus ones like hotel and meals. We will only be requesting for the Giveth portion in this proposal.

Here’s the breakdown of the expenses incurred:

Total Expense Giveth General Magic TOTAL
Hotel* 16,655 10,527 27,182
Meals 2,372 1,144 3,516
Flight and Transportation 14,939 5,445 20,383
Supplies 61 18 79
Swag 2,234 0 2,234
TOTAL 36,261 17,134 53,395

*Hotel amount may be adjusted to a lower amount. Pending confirmation of paying non-Galaxy guests.

Total Amount requested: $36,261

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred (Griff):

Griff paid the expenses and reimbursed contributors in stable tokens. This proposal is to reimburse Griff.


How should Giveth pay for the reimbursement?

  • 50% GIV tokens 50% stables/ETH
  • 80% GIV tokens 20% stables/ETH
  • 20% GIV tokens 80% stables/ETH
  • 100% GIV tokens

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How come there isn’t an option for 0% GIV tokens 100% stables/ETH?

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@hanners717 - These were the suggested options from @Griff.

Also, it’s already beyond the advice process timeline, and I am finalizing the amount for reimbursement from the multisig and nrGIV.

But let’s try voting again for 1 more day.

How should Giveth pay for the reimbursement?

  • 50% GIV tokens 50% stables/ETH
  • 80% GIV tokens 20% stables/ETH
  • 20% GIV tokens 80% stables/ETH
  • 100% GIV tokens
  • 100% stables/ETH

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The reimbursement is up for voting
Total: $36,261

(1) $29,009 worth of ETH (80%)
Main multisig signers, please vote HERE.

  • $29,009 USD requested
    ETH price - 2220.88
    Block number - 31553414
    29009 ÷ 2220.88
    13.0619394114045 ETH requested

(2) $7,252 worth of GIV (20%)
Gnosis chain nrGIV signers please sign HERE :writing_hand:t4: @renjer @karmaticacid @Griff @Giantkin @WhyldWanderer @mitch

  • $7252 requested
    GIV price - 0.00904242002631227
    Block number - 31553414
    7252 ÷ 0.00904242002631227
    801997.69297352 GIV requested