Giveth at The DAOist Bogota

Hi Giveth community! I would like to start some signaling around the idea of Giveth participating as sponsors in The DAOist Bogota. As you know, The DAOist events have been a key player in community growth in the past, specially in Mexico where the effect of Giveth’s impact remains fruitful after 6 months. I think this can be a great opportunity to have spanish-native contributors like @mateodaza @Cotabe @OyeAlmond and @cquinterom096 generate new content that can also have a significant impact in Colombia for the next months.

Event Facilitator Name:
Chuy Garcia. I’ve facilitated Giveth’s participation in The DAOist Mexico and Entrando al Espacio Cripto in the past.

Event Title:
The DAOist Bogota

Event Date/Time/Timezone:
October 9th, 2022.

Location or Platform:
Espacio Odeón, Bogota

Event Description:
The DAOist Bogota will be large - It’s time to go big and go home, DAOist. This round we’re bringing all the creativity you are used to on a larger format to kick off Devcon week with a loving bang.

Communications Needed:
[ X ] - Tweet or Tweet Thread
[ X ] - Facebook Post (optional)
[ X ] - Newsletter Blurb
[ X ] - Announcements Channel in Discord

Event Roles:

  • Spanish Speakers that will attend Bogota in October 2022.
    * Spanish is suggested but NOT a requirement.

After the Event:

  • Talk posted to YouTube
  • “In case you missed it” posts for The DAOist social media

You can find more information about the different sponsorship packages and add-ons here.
Let us know what you think by submitting your vote and feel free to post any questions :point_down:

Should Giveth sponsor The DAOist Bogota?
  • Patreon DAO Bogota - 19K USDC
  • Ride or DAO Bogota - 11K USDC
  • Sister DAO Bogota - 4.2K USDC
  • One of the above + Add-Ons (Vote twice!)
  • I don’t think Giveth should sponsor The DAOist Bogota

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Because this is a request for funding, I am moving it to the proposals category.

This category is so that we can plan and coordinate on Giveth facilitated events.

I will be in Bogota and plan to attend the DAOist! I would love to see Giveth participate somehow.
Im interested to see how the community feels since we have implemented austerity measures and considering the status of the market right now. Maybe there is a way that Giveth can participate at the DAOist other than sponsorship?

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Hi Ashley!

I’d like to remind you that Giveth is already a DAOist Patron :partying_face:, so you’re always welcome to join in and participate in the talks, as well as having access to 5 tickets.

Of course we understand that the market is under difficult conditions and that most DAOs are under austerity measures, however if the community finds anything that could be attractive to participate with, every contribution can help make the event happen :slight_smile:

If anyone from the Giveth community is ready to apply as speakers, feel free to fill this form.


Hi @chuygarcia.eth and @WhyldWanderer ! Great event but also tight belts around here. I don’t have a particular stance, but I wanted to support Ashley’s insights and Chuy’s efforts and just express appreciation for Giveth’s “DAOist Patron” status. Hope some other folks --particularly ones who can be there-- will join the thread!

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Hey beautiful people!

While I loved Giveth’s participation in the DAOist Mexico, considering market conditions and the size our team, it’s pretty important to curb spending for Giveth for the near future.

We have only a small team of 8-9 people planning to be in Bogota, and with our existing status as a Patron, I think we have already maxed out our potential impact.

I’m open to being wrong here, but tbh I just feel like we have a lot of funds going out with very little funds going in, and sort of in a time where we need sponsorship/patronage… not in a time where we can really be that benevolant giver.


Adding to this, there is now a Group with 15 team members attending to Bogotá. As far as I know a couple with be speaking at ETHLatam and The DAOist, but there’s no a coordinated effort yet. Agree these are tough market times, but maybe The DAOist could be a good shoot to plan something with the team that’s already attending, and take advantage of the Colombian Web3 Momentum in some way?
I believe this could be a good chance to be present before ending the year . Also would suggest to have a quick call for further discussion around more ways to contribute (tailor made for a DAOist Patron :innocent:)


@Cotabe and myself filled the form to speak at the DAOist! we’re still discussing what the topic should be but we want it in spanish :slight_smile:


@chuygarcia.eth @Cotabe @karmaticacid It’s hard to have an opinion without having a little bit of context about Giveth’s past participation…

  1. What key benefits were there last time for Giveth?
  2. Do we have tangible outcomes we accomplished? - new projects? donations raised? or was it more of an awareness campaign last time?
  3. How are we measuring Giveth’s return for participating in an event like this?

I would like to cast a vote after getting some insights first :slight_smile: so it’s a more conscious vote


In the DAOist Mexico I gave a talk about Giveth w/ support from @mateodaza and we found ourselves a @Cotabe ! A big win imo :slight_smile: I think building out our Spanish communitiy is very important and I 100% think we should participate in the DAOist, support them with our energy & attendance, make the most of our patron benefits.

I just don’t think we are in a place financially where we should continue sponsoring events when we are really in need of funding ourselves. I would love if we set a boundary on it until we can make some progress on revenue streams or reaching investors.