Giveth Community Convent - Let's Finalize it together!

Hello friends & family :unicorn:

I need your help with a critical component of the GIVgarden - The Covenant! This post explains the context, gives background and explains what is needed.

The GIVgarden

As you may or may not be aware, when we launch the GIVeconomy, we will have the GIVgarden. This will be our “exit to community” where all GIV token holders are empowered to govern the future of Giveth by creating and voting on proposals requesting funding from the DAO (specifically, from the GIVgarden common pool). For funding proposals, we’ll be using Conviction Voting.

33% of the total supply GIV tokens are going to the GIVgarden common pool - so this is huge!

The GIVgarden will also be home to “decisions” that use Tao Voting. These are proposals that have the power to make changes to the garden (like changing the parameters for conviction voting, or changing the way rewards are given to xDai GIV stakers).

What is the covenant?

The Giveth Community Covenant is the social contract that must be signed by anyone creating proposals or voting in the GIVgarden. If someone makes a bad or malicious proposal, it can be “challenged” by someone else… basically the challenger in this case is saying that the proposal is against the covenant.

The proposer (of e.g, the malicious proposal) can at this point choose to “dispute” the challenge and raise it to Celeste - a decentralized oracle that helps to judge/resolve disputes. The jurors of Celeste will use our covenant as the foundation by which they make decisions and judge whether or not the proposal is malicious.

Why Is the covenant important?

As you can see, a strong covenant is critical in order to protect the GIVeconomy against malicious proposals & ensure that the proposals we get are in support of building the free, decentralized, humanistic future that we’re all dreaming of.

Can we change it later?

It is important to note, that in order to change the covenant after we launch the GIVgarden, GIV token holders would need to vote on-chain in the GIVgarden using Tao Voting - so it’s not as easy as simply editing it… it’s important to do a good job of this before launch.

What can you do to help?

I’ve spent a lot of time on this already and honestly, at this point, I can’t tell if it’s too detailed, not detailed enough or what it needs, so I need you! I intended to cover some basic details of our social contract, explain briefly and link to our MVV, explain our governance processes in a way that is detailed, but not too prescriptive. I included some external links which will be easier to modify than the covenant itself, so this helps us be a little flexible.

In short, help me! I can’t do this alone… Would appreciate if you could review and make your comments either here on in the doc:


I think it looks really really good… I noticed some grammatical things but nothing big that I would want to change. Thanks for working so hard on this Lauren!

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Looks good to me as well. While reading I was focusing mostly on the Pledge and have no objections or other suggestions to that. Other sections are also clear.

Thank you @karmaticacid

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nice! this looks great!

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Calling this done friends! Thank you for your feedback!

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