Giveth Contributor Organization Process

Offer Letter

  1. This is applicable for contributors who will undergo a trial period.
  2. If the direct hire passes the trial period, they shall proceed with the Role Proposal process below.

Role Proposal

  1. Template: Giveth Role Proposal Template
  2. Make a copy of the template and fill it out.
  3. Change the share settings to let anyone with the link comment.

  1. Post your Role Proposal document in
    1 ) Click + New Topic.
    2 ) In the Category drop down menu, select Role Proposals. If you can’t see or access the Role Proposals category ask an admin to give you the contributor role.
    3 ) In the optional tags, select contributors and role-proposal.
    4 ) Add the google doc link to your Role Proposal.
    5 ) Add in any personal flavour to your role proposal, why you would like a role in Giveth and why this role is suited for you. We’re robots not humans, tell us about yourself!
    6 ) Add in a poll for getting clear consensus on your proposal ahead of creating a DAO vote. You should have two similar options in this poll:
  • YES, looks good
  • No, I have concerns and will comment below
    7 ) Click + Create Topic to finalize your post!

A sample for this step.

  1. The Role Proposal will be up for a 5-day advice process to gather comments and suggestions from the Givethers, and make changes in the document as necessary. Tag @Unicorns in the Giveth Governance discord channel after posting in the forum. The Contributor can proceed at their discretion when they receive a clear signal on the poll and/or has resolved comments made on their post and has observed the 5-day advice process.
  2. If the Contributor has nrGIV tokens, they can add a DAO vote in Aragon. If they don’t have nrGIV tokens, they can ask their buddy, someone from the Governance Working Group, or any Giveth Core Team member who is holder of nrGIV tokens to post a DAO vote on their behalf.
  3. Once the DAO vote is approved, the Role Proposal should be considered finalized.

Work Agreement

  1. A Work Agreement will be shared with the Contributor. This document contains compensation details and terms of the agreement.
  2. Once the Role Proposal is approved by the DAO, its contents will be transferred in the Work Agreement.

Updating Role Proposals

Updating of Role Proposals may include the change of time commitment (hours worked) for Giveth and/or update on the working groups where the contributor actively participates. A contributor can update their Role Proposals any time.

Steps can be found here.

Quarterly Review

  1. Role Proposal documents are revisited and reviewed every quarter.
  2. Here’s a detailed guide for the Quarterly Reviews.

Salary Information Inquiry

The Work Agreements contain the salary information which is confidentially held between the contributor and representatives from the Governance WG.

  1. In order to receive access to this information, fill out this form.
  2. A Governance WG member will approve or deny the request and can/should back up their decision with any notes, especially if they reject a request.
  3. All submitted requests are collected in this spreadsheet. This is viewable by all contributors so requesters and reviewers are accountable for their actions.

Details here were based on this forum post.

Major praise to @mitch for leading and pushing this! Big thanks to @karmaticacid @markop @aabugosh @Danibelle @Griff @WhyldWanderer for their insights, feedback and contributions to develop this process!