Giveth Core Team Compensation - March 2022

Proposal Information

Proposal description:
For March 2022, contributors were paid in xDAI (some in GIV) by Griff. This is a proposal requesting reimbursement for this.

Proposal Rationale
Griff is a GIV maxi, and to facilitate the payments of stable tokens to our contributors while we still build a better treasury management system, he pays people in xDai and asks for reimbursement here. Hopefully this process will cause upward pressure on the GIV price as our contributors use xDai to buy GIV, instead of the opposite, where our contributors get paid in GIV and then sell the GIV to pay bills.
Also, while we sort out a streamlined process for payments, we believe this is the efficient way of paying people on time and without delay. Should there be better alternatives, your suggestions and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Team Information

Paid 20 Giveth contributors:
Mateo, Lauren, Ashley, Forest, Amin, Mohammad Ranjbar, Moenick, Ramin, Cherik, Carlos, Pavle, Kay (including Nov-Feb), Ezetec, Suga, Melody, Claire, Chadfi (including Feb), Brodhi (including Feb), Nikola (including Feb), Justin

Contribution: Development, Design, Communications, Community, GIVeconomy, Conflict Resolution, Governance, DAO, Connect

Funding Information

Amount of GIV requested: $69,578 worth of GIV

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

The amount requested will be from nrGIV in GIV tokens at the spot price when the vote is created.


Approve Giveth Core Team Compensation (Mar 2022) Payment

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This makes so much sense. I wanted to offer to get paid at least partially in GIV to support the GIVeconomy.

But I think it makes more sense that I:

a) Partially, buy GIV and create upward pressure.

b) Donate knowing I won’t create upward pressure, not will get 100% of my tokens. But I will contribute to amazing projects being funded, get my POAP and support the GIV community.

If I am missing something, please correct me. Would love to know how others interact with the GIVeconomy :slight_smile:


Love your spirit and ideas @cotabe! I think those are great ways to interact with the GIVeconomy. You could also buy GIV with some and wrap it and then vote on proposals in the GIVgarden while earning a yield. :wink:


The DAO vote is up. Vote here!

69578 - DAI requested
GIVprice - 0.289780907847004
blocknumber - 21701244
69578 ÷ 0.289780907847004
240105.535305781 GIV requested