Giveth Core Team Compensation - March 2024

Funding Information

Funding description:

This is a funding proposal to pay for contributor monthly compensation. However, due to the tight deadline set for this month’s payment, payments were already processed last April 5th and this forum post serves as an information on the list of contributors paid for the month.

Funding Rationale:

The funds spent paid for the contributors who keep Giveth running as it is. :rocket:

Detailed goals, deliverables and budgeting can be found in working group proposals.

Team Information

Name Hours
Ahmad 40
Algene 61
Alireza 173
Almond 168
Amin 62
Anamarija 8
Ashley 140.03
Brohdi 1
Carlos 168
Cherik 161
Denitsa 70.50
Freshelle 23
Giantkin 20
Griff 84
Heather 27
Jake 74
Kareem 173
Kay 60
Kieran 27.5
Krati 22.50
Lauren 164
Marcelo 34.10
Maryjaf 172.25
Mateo 168
Mitch 138.75
Mo 50.05
Moe Shehab 86
Moenick 168
Mohammad Ranjbar 168
Nico 55.27
Nicolas 120
Nikola 67.48
Ramin 160
Rodri 37.02
Stee 30
Tosin 29.17

Funding Details

Total Compensation for the month 105,721.69
Less: Cost of Giveth in GM 7,110.86
Giveth Compensation Cost 98,610.83
Add: Clockify subscription paid by GM 201.11
Total Cost for the month 98,811.95

Amount requested from grants.giv.eth
Ethereum address where payments were processed: 0x01d1909cA27E364904934849eab8399532dd5c8b
Ethereum addresses where funds were transferred: To each contributor’s address. For contributors whose contracts are with General Magic, their payment goes to generalmagic.eth

Note that no mark-up was applied for GM contributors working in Giveth. The amounts charged are all at cost.

Working Group Cost Breakdown

WG Cost for the Month
DApp $65,512.43
DAO Ops $13,035.06
GIVeconomy $10,757.23
Quadratic Funding $9,170.83
Fundraising $137.19
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