Giveth Core Team Compensation - May 2024

Funding Information

Funding description:

This is a funding proposal to pay for contributor monthly compensation. However, due to the tight deadline set for this month’s payment, payments were already processed and this forum post serves as an information on the list of contributors paid for the month.

Funding Rationale:

The funds spent paid for the contributors who keep Giveth running as it is. :rocket:

Detailed goals, deliverables and budgeting can be found in working group proposals.

Team Information

Name Hours
Ahmad 5
Algene 75
Ali 9.47
Alireza 176
Almond 184
Amin 100.5
Anamarija 9
Ashley 141.75
Carlos 184
Cherik 239
Freshelle 33.33
Giantkin 20
Griff 103
Heather 25
Jake 158
Kareem 133.5
Kay 67
Kieran 177.5
kkechy 11.25
Krati 37.28
Lauren 161.5
Marcelo 51
Maryjaf 168.33
Mateo 182.5
Meriam 144.75
Mitch 169.75
Mo 81.27
Moe Shehab 78
Moenick 180
Mohammad Ranjbar 182.5
Nico 53.13
Nicolas 160
Nikola 69.75
Rachel 17.32
Ramin 160
Rodri 66.12
Shyne 5.67
Stee 30.5
Tosin 30.65
William 69.75

Funding Details

Total Compensation for the month 115,388.80
Less: Cost of Giveth in GM 12,338.56
Giveth Compensation Cost (including GM in Giveth) 103,050.23
Add: Clockify subscription paid by GM 204.59
Total Cost for the month 103,254.82

Amount requested from grants.giv.eth

Ethereum address where payments were processed: 0x01d1909cA27E364904934849eab8399532dd5c8b

Ethereum addresses where funds were transferred: To each contributor’s address. For contributors whose contracts are with General Magic, their payment goes to generalmagic.eth

Note that no mark-up was applied for GM contributors working in Giveth. The amounts charged are all at cost.

Compensation Breakdown

This month, contributors had the option to receive compensation partially in stable tokens and in GIV. Here’s the breakdown of the totals:

  • Stable Compensation - $85,295.88
  • GIV Compensation - $17,958.95 / 1,616,163.47 GIV
  • GIV Price at time of distribution - $0.01111208571
  • Block number - 34325991

Working Group Cost Breakdown

WG Cost for the Month in USD
DApp WG 52,882.05*
DAO Ops WG 7,515.83
Quadratic Funding (QF) WG 19,632.97
GIVeconomy WG 16,431.59
Fundraising WG 6,172.50
QACC 415.29
Total Giveth Compensation Cost 103,050.23

*Note: There is a $2.47 difference in Clockify vs. actual amount paid due to rounding off differences.

GIV Equity Distribution

Following the recently approved equity distribution plan, we distributed $9,000.20 worth of GIV tokens as equity to the contributors who opted to partially receive their monthly compensation in $GIV tokens.

Month May 2024
Equity distribution in USD $9,000.20
GIV Price at time of distribution $0.01111208571
Block number 34325991
Total GIV sent for Distribution 809,947.18
Transaction Link here

Month-by-month breakdown of expenses for 2024

Summary report links:

  • Breakdown of costs per WG can be found here.
  • Breakdown of WG hours per contributor and description can be found here.
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