Giveth Core Team Compensation - September 2022

Proposal Information

Proposal description:

For September 2022, contributors were paid in xDAI (some in GIV) by Griff. This is a proposal requesting reimbursement.

Proposal Rationale:

Griff is a GIV maxi, and to facilitate the payments of stable tokens to our contributors while we still build a better treasury management system, he pays people in xDai and asks for reimbursement here. Hopefully this process will cause upward pressure on the GIV price as our contributors use xDai to buy GIV, instead of the opposite, where our contributors get paid in GIV and then sell the GIV to pay bills.

Also, while we sort out a streamlined process for payments, we believe this is the efficient way of paying people on time and without delay. Should there be better alternatives, your suggestions and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Team Information

For this month, we paid 44 Giveth contributors. Details of the paid contributors are as follows:

With Role Proposals: Griff, Mateo, Lauren, Ashley, Amin, Mohammad Ranjbar, Moenick, Carlos, Kay (not paid for August and September), Suga, Alireza, Melody, Cherik, Ramin, Claire, Pavle, Nikola, Cotabe, Giantkin, Santi, Mitch, Marko, Rodri, Mo, Heather, Freshelle, Ahmad, Tossyne, Yass, Moe Shehab, Nico, Jake, Toraif, Chadfi

Under Trial Period or with pending Role Proposals: Cori (August and September paid together), Sym, Katya, Franco, Almond, Maryam, Kurt

Very part time / project-based contributors (may not need Role Proposals):

Name Number of Hours for the month Contribution/role/task
Brodhisattva 1.5 Security
Life is for Living 1 Twitter consultation
Gabi 42 Reviewing smart contract (GIVpower)
Fabio 80 GIVPower, Dune migration, GivethInfo support (Jun, Jul, Aug) (Sep to be included next month)
Algene 28.65* Retroactive billing*

*Algene’s breakdown of hours

Month Hours
November 2021 43.27
December 2021 53.76
January 2022 41.07
February 2022 36.68
March 2022 39.08
April 2022 38.25
May 2022 42.83
June 2022 51.54
July 2022 31.28
August 2022 20.27
September 2022 28.65

Algene’s summary of work done (November 2021-September 2022):
Administrative support, GIV Launch preparations, GIV OTC Trace management, Swag shop customer service, Fundraising (Assisting Yas), Connecting with target investors via TG and Twitter (by Griff), Working on slides for Griff’s talks about Giveth and Public Goods (for all events), Coordination for ETH Denver, Coordination on ETH Barcelona, Calendar events for ETH Bogota, Research tasks, Testing forms, Transcriptions - Talks, Transcriptions - Praises (early days), Data entry and processing (mostly spreadsheet related docs or data), Doc or content review (notion), NRGiv Trace, Assisting for some accounting for reimbursements and other expenses, Printful customer support calls/emails

Funding Information

Amount of GIV requested: $115,421.57 worth of GIV

Please note that adjustments were made this month for overpayment/charging of some contributors last month.

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred: 0x839395e20bbB182fa440d08F850E6c7A8f6F0780

The amount requested will be from nrGIV in GIV tokens at the spot price when the vote is created.

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All I can say is… yikes! 44 contributors, wow!

But actually some other things -

  • Melody actually left Giveth early August, why is she included in september payments?
  • Didn’t we pay Fabio & team for Giveth Info from their Gardens proposal?

For the record here I think 44 contributors is way too many people! I would love to see a small elite squad of full time contributors, rather than an army of part-timers. In general we are creating a lot of coordination headaches and administrative bloat for our DAO!

However, I have faith we can hit part-timers with the slippery slope of Giveth until they become fully immersed, much like we did with @Cori ,@cquinterom096 and @NikolaCreatrix :smiley:


I forgot to leave her out in the forum post draft I based. But she’s not included in the 44 contributors we paid (also Kay) and no amount was considered.

Based on his work description, the 80 hours also includes the GIVpower and Dune migration. I’ll ask him to further breakdown his hours and exclude the Giveth Info hours he did. I’ll make the adjustments in the next monthly reimbursement when he responds.

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@mitch @freshelle in the proposal I mentioned I wouldn’t be involved in the development, so I didn’t take any GIV out from the Gardens payment. Actually, what really happened was that the GIV price crashed and I paid out of my pocket for their services. Anyone can inspect the wallet that received Gardens funds and see that it holds 70% of the GIV – and will keep holding.

I only asked for compensation here for a few hours (~6h) I spent in meetings with both GivethInfo team and Giveth crew, discussing data accuracy and backend improvements. Anyway, to avoid problems, I will discount these hours from the next month’s compensation.


The work you do is incredibly valuable and I think most people here would like to support you in supporting Giveth, just sometimes a bit of clarity of accounting goes a long way!

I would love to see Giveth Info get past the finish line - I can see this proposal here Top-up proposal – Giveth Info: An analytics tool for the community but it looks like no action was carried forward on it. Would it be useful for someone to update this and get it up on the Gardens?


The proposal is up in the nrGIV for voting. Please vote here!

115,421.57 - DAI requested
GIV price - 0.0351335519184791
Block number - 24717069
115,421.57 ÷ 0.0351335519184791
3,285,223.48858477 GIV requested