Giveth Donor Survey - Reward survey takers with GLove Tokens

Understood, thank you @mitch

Thanks for your thoughts, Lauren, sounds like so far this is the overall thoughts of all. 1 winner with 70 $nice tokens.


Thanks for explaining @JakeS ! Yes, maybe just one winner. It’s not a major task to take the survey, and 70 $nice is quite phat :moneybag: !

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I already spoke with Griff on this and he said that it is no problem at all to reward survey takers with swag… at ETHBarcelona we were sending people money to participate in a 3 minute demo and then rewarding them with a piece of swag on top of it. Those people might never even use Giveth again where as the survey takers are probably regular users of Giveth. These people will be proud to wear their shirts and will tell all of their friends who ask… “what is Giveth?”. I think that is pretty valuable to us.

I think that a t-shirt is a great prize and I think that we should choose people who really took the time to give thorough and thoughtful answers as well as hyped their twitter post. Lets take a look at the results @JakeS and see how many people shared it to their twitter as well as gave great answers…

Once we know that number, we can aim to reward half of them with a piece of swag (max 10)?


Thanks @WhyldWanderer for also adding your advice. Let’s get on the phone and discover how many takers actually followed the instructions and posted to their twitter, as well as your other amazing suggestions of reviewing the most qualified and thought-out responses.

@karmaticacid @Danibelle @mitch @aabugosh @WhyldWanderer @Suga @amin @Griff

I was finally able to pull all the data and there were (to the best of research / knowledge of twitter) 22 donor survey completers that followed the instructions, posted to their personal Twitter accounts and mentioned Giveth.IO

20 of them I believe are non-giveth contributors but can’t confirm that.

With these most recent updates, does that change anyone’s decision to reward only 1 person?


I vote that we reward 5 of them with enough tokens to get one piece of swag!


I like 5 but will be happy with 3.

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I want to comment to remain part of the discussion, but I am not hugely partial to either 5 or 3.

While I don’t feel strongly about one or the other (as I don’t feel qualified to decide based on what the marketing strategy of the survey was meant to be), I do have some thoughts how that should be measured.

If giving out the tokens and swag has the potential to increase visibility, contributions, progress and happiness in Giveth all around, then it sounds important! However, if it’s just a gesture after-the-fact and won’t be publicized or noticed much, then I think 5 is too much and an unnecessary financial loss for something that is too small in relation to the trade-off.

I know it’s great to reward folks and so on, but there really has to be a significant and realistic strategic structure behind how that functions. We can’t just give stuff away because we’re nice. :wink: (Did you see what I did there? :rofl:) It has to make sense from a “business” (sorry for the terrible word) perspective.