Giveth Donor Survey - Reward survey takers with GLove Tokens

Giveth’s Donor Survey is inching closer to going live but before we do that, we have a very important issue to tackle…what to reward the survey takers with?!

After giving it a thorough thought scrubbing, I suggest giving out 30 GLove Tokens to anyone who successfully completes the survey and then posts the following message to their Twitter, while tagging Givethio. (“I just completed this Giveth survey and am helping to shape the Future of Giving! Join me and let your voice be heard on how you too can help to make the world a better place.”)

30 GLove tokens would be enough for any taker to immediately use in our Giveth shop for one piece of swag with 20 GLove tokens and 10 for the shipping.

In closing, we are hoping for as many as 30 current donors to respond, out of the 300+ in our current database, which would be a response rate of about 10% but more realistically, it will most likely be somewhere between 3 and 10 responders.

Feel free to comment below and show your support by voting below:

  • Yes, 30Glove is good with me
  • No, I propose something different in the comments below

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I think that gLove tokens are a great reward for survey takers! Thanks for putting this post together Jake.

I remember that the shipping was being paid for by @Griff at first. Is this still the case?

I think we would want to check in on how the swag gets shipped to people and what the cost is of that.

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the swag shop and swag prices are going to have a dramatic change since incorporating the $nice token. prices will no longer be static and shipping will be dynamic depending on where users live.

We should consider that everything is being paid for by Griff from swag and he asks reimbursement in GIV, so I think anything to spend his funds should be approved by himself.

If we choose to go this route I would suggest we send users $nice tokens instead of gLOVE since it is on gnosis chain, and will add to the promo of the token itself. We should also consider Rinkeby will soon be deprecated.


I agree with @mitch

Also, I think giving a T-Shirt and shipping that for free seems a little costly for us. We can be less generous! for instance, we only pay for the swag, and the user pays the shipping cost.

Moreover, we should have a cut-off for donation value at least. A donation of 0.01$ must not allow the user to participate in the survey.

After all, we should be thoughtful on implementing it either by paying directly GLove or NICE token

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Yes, I agree I think it’s a good idea, once we figure out how we’re doing it (if we’re using $nice etc.) like @amin said I would add that anyone that wants the reward of swag should have donated something on Giveth (maybe $1 at least)? We can link the Donor course to them for anyone new to Giveth to show them how. If we don’t do that, I’m sure we’ll get a ton of spammers that don’t align with our ecosystem.


I agree with moving to $nice instead of gLove. Keep moving things to Gnosis and get out of Griff paying for things/requesting reimbursement everywhere we have the opportunity to do so.

I do not agree with asking the donor to pay for their own shipping; taking the time to provide feedback has it’s own cost and nobody should have to incur further expense in order to receive their reward.

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This is a donor survey right? So it’s only going to people who have already donated?

If we are going to link anything that solicits further donations, I would suggest pointing to upcoming features like GIVpower. Note that while some liquidity pools will be going away, donors can keep giving to projects and keep increasing their stream to have even more GIVpower in the future…

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Thanks for the great input Dani! Yes this is for the Donor Survey, but no, we will target both currently and not currently donating people.

Also, we have gone ahead and changed the reward to $nice tokens instead of GLove

Griff will still pay out of his own pocket when users use make orders on the swag shop, regardless of if it’s in $nice or gLOVE. Shipping costs can range anywhere from $5 to $50.

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GM Givether’s,

As we have seen an incredible response rate on the Donor Survey (79 takers at this point, more than any of us could have dreamed,) and we are now in the middle of September (original thoughts were to offer rewards at the beginning of September,) I want to follow up on this post and get moving on the rewarding the takers. With that being said…

1.) It has been almost unanimously voted that we should do $NIC instead of gLOVE – so that is done, we will offer $NIC. Done!

2.) Since the SWAG shop has changed in pricing, 30 $NIC no longer is really a valid reward in my opinion, so I propose 70 $NIC per reward. This will cover the cost of a t-shirt plus the shipping. I mean our name and branding is GIVETH so I truly believe it is in our best interest to cover one free piece of swag and GIVE it to the taker…plus is mobile advertising!

3.) Lastly, since we had such an incredible response rate, how many takers should be rewarded? I propose 10, which would then make it a total of 700 $NIC tokens. That would still be under 10% being rewarded…

In closing, if you are interested in seeing our hard work in chart form, here is the link to see what is being said about our platform and our current, as well as not currently donating, takers! Lots of good, useful information to build from! @mitch @Danibelle @aabugosh @amin @WhyldWanderer @Cotabe

  • Let’s GIVE out 10 rewards worth 70 $NIC each
  • Let’s discuss this is more detail below, in the comments

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Thanks, @JakeS ! This is great. Just to be clear: survey takers were not notified beforehand that they would be rewarded for taking the survey (or rather, with what specifically they would be rewarded). Correct?

Hey @Suga at the end of the donor survey, hopefully you took it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, there is a pop up that mentions a reward will be given…but yup, no amount is mentioned, just simply “a reward.”

I did this, because I knew some discussion still needed to finalized about the reward amount, as well as wanted to see how many people would actually take the survey :laughing:

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Hey @JakeS Thanks for this, I’m all for raising the amount so it covers an item, by why issue 10 prizes? Why not announce one winner like what we initially said, and then do another round with another winner (it could be a recurring thing we do)? For the ones that didn’t win, we can always tell them to donate to the Giveth project to get nice tokens :slight_smile:


I’m all for this but we should consider we’ll need to send some stablecoin funds to @Griff to cover what is spent on swag costs - at least 55% of what we distribute in $nice in stables. (1 $nice = 1 DAI)

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I’m a little unclear - were survey takers told they would be rewarded (aka valued for their contribution) for completing it, or did it say a version of ’ you’re entered for selection to be rewarded/SOME participants will be rewarded/One contributor will be rewarded’?

If there is an expectation of reward established without clarity on how the recipients will be valued exactly, then I think everyone should get something even if just a POAP.

By way of example, I took it, and shared it with other donors, and my gut feels like there was an expectation of our contributions being valued established, not 'entered to win". But I don’t remember what it said exactly.

Hey @Danibelle, thanks for your response and questions. :blush:

Here is the exact message when you finish the survey…

“Now let’s get to the perks! In our continuing effort to show you our love, we would like to reward the top survey takers with some $NIC tokens. Simply post this message on your twitter for a chance to win.”

I would have to ask our Twitter manager (Cori or Lauren) how many people actually posted on their Twitter and tagged Giveth, because if we want to be very technical, only they would have been entered to win, plus we put “chance” in our message so that we are locked into a certain number of winners.

So, with that clarity, do you have a thought on what to give takers now? Thanks again!


Oh and this is the message that would auto populate to your twitter account when you selected THIS MESSAGE in the in final message about what to post…

“I just completed this @givethio survey and am helping to shape the Future of Giving! Join me and let your voice be heard on how you too can help to make the world a better place! Donor Survey

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I think 10 winners is a LOT - way too much $ out for value in. I like @aabugosh’s suggestion of one winner, and then a follow up round.

@mitch - what if we used some stables from the Giveth project?

Also it’s “$nice” not “$NIC”.


Thank you for providing the full context it helps a lot!

I think we need to be technical and the random element is finding who actually did it by searching tag history.

3 winners is totally sufficient in my opinion.

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I like that thought process and next steps. 10 was just a number that @WhyldWanderer and I came up with, since there were so many takers, much more than we thought.

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