Rewards for Project Survey Respondents

Giveth’s Project Survey, designed to learn more about the fundraising experiences of projects using our platform, will go live shortly. Piggy-backing off the success of the Donor Survey, we’d like to give our respondents a chance to get something in return.

Shall we offer projects the same reward that we gave to donors: 10 rewards worth $NIC 70 each for use in Giveth SWAG shop? As an example, this would cover the cost of a t-shirt and shipping.

  • Let’s offer 10 rewards worth $NIC 70 each
  • I have a different suggestion in comments

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Here’s the link for the Project Survey in Typeform. If you haven’t already provided your feedback, this is the last chance to do a run-through and add any suggestions in comments below.

To review the previous discussion on rewards for Donor Survey, see @JakeS post.


If I remember right, in the end, we rewarded the top 3 donor survey takes with $nice tokens. I think Jake can confirm.

700 $nice seems like a lot to offer for completing a survey but I agree that $nice tokens could be a good incentive.

I think we could even get creative with this one… maybe we do a raffle.
Everyone who fills it out gets their name entered and the winner gets enough nice tokens to buy a shirt from the swag shop… or maybe a PFP or something.


Yeah, it was 5 total winners at the end :slight_smile:

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I think its nice to reward projects for completing the survey. I don’t see how Nice would make it interesting enough, realistically the last think that project from Kenya will do is order some swag - that may not be even possible to deliver (IMO). :slight_smile:

I think the real incentive for project owners here is to give us feedback so we can make it better for them and that should be their ultimate motivation to fill this out. I would try to come with formulation such as ‘First 10 project responses get boost by Giveth community’ Something like this. Or ’ Tell us what more do you need?’ Rather incentivize them for future results this action can bring for them. “We’ve build this on our own, now we want you to tell us what’s next.”

Do I make sense?


10 winners with winnings of 70 $nice seems like a lot for me too. We could do 5 winners, and give them enough $nice tokens to get one shirt at the Giveth swag shop? (I’m not sure how much $nice is needed for one t-shirt).

I also like the raffle and PFP idea.

an interesting idea as well would be to boost them with GIVpower.

We have a boat load of GIV in our main multisig - maybe there is some way we could use it to boost projects that respond to the survey


I really like this idea!

I think Nikola has a great point that maybe project owners don’t want $nice tokens…
This would be a great alternative…

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hehe yes I eavesdropped in on the call and got my idea from there. Then we make sure to donate our APR to the matching pool

Wuaaa fancy fancy, boosting them up with GIVpower/giv from our main multisig!! That sounds way more interesting…I was going to offer my own giv to boost with, :slight_smile:

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Boosting projects makes much more sense to me. Thanks for these suggestions.
Should we do random selection rather than ‘first 10’, so that projects across the timeline have incentive to complete survey?

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Before reflecting on that, I have couple questions.

How long do you want to have the survey posted for collecting enough anwers?
What number of answers is desired/good enough?

  • when you gamify it - first 10 - we will receive more answers rather sooner than later.

Also depends how much GIVpower we want to promise…We can also scale it - first 10 project get boosted with x amount, next 10 with xy amount…but hey I just realized something you guys!

We can only boost Verified projects - and this survey should go to all of our projects? @clara_gr @WhyldWanderer @mitch

Suggest 3 weeks to post survey to get enough respondents.
I also think it could be useful to keep the survey open on an ongoing basis for general feedback?

Non-verified projects
This is very good point about non-verified projects not having access to boosting, so I think we either need to offer additional incentives or explore ways to reward all respondents in the same way.

New enhanced profile page template: @aabugosh had made a good suggestion that we could offer survey respondents exclusive access to the new profile. At @aabugosh is this still an achievable reward?

We should also consider what we offer to projects that have taken part in the survey but are not yet listed on the platform, if we decide not to offer $NICE tokens.

@mitch there were no real objections or alternatives put forward during Comms call yesterday for boosting projects that respond to the survey. Can you help further this suggestion by putting some figures around what we might offer? - it would be good to be able to quantify for comms and outreach messaging. Thanks

Right now I can see we have about ~74k GIV in our main multisig, which ain’t much. Conversely we have about 3 million GIV sitting in the liquidity multisig on gnosis chain - we could tap into that temporarily.

Looking at some of the top projects they are boosted with millions of GIVpower, which I don’t think we should try to compete with, but looking at ranks #18 and below they are under 1 million GIVpower. Bearing that in mind we could offer a raffle of 5 boosts of 200k GIVpower each, to 5 unique projects for 3 months. This would be more enticing than trying to stretch out a fixed amount over a possibly large amount of projects. This would be a significant enough boost to propel any project up into the top 40 (out of about ~120 ranked projects), and any project above 40 a potential increase of 5-10 ranks, that’s a pretty good offer!

A ball park figure would be about 1 million worth of GIV to stake for GIVpower This could also be achieved with 353,356 GIV locked for 7 rounds - to cover the full 3 months.

We should consider as well that any amount of GIV we deposit will also earn rewards - To my knowledge there is no way to get around this, but we could donate these rewards to our matching pool


Thanks for the detail and providing an explanation for what we could offer. I think we can work some comms magic to summarise this message :slight_smile: