Giveth @ ETH Medellin 2022 [After Devcon]

Hi family|! so, Ethereum Medellin will be a thing after Devcon in Bogota, from the 18th until 23rd, this event is trying to be focused on relaxing and networking and learning while getting to know the culture and one of the best cities in Colombia. I’ve heard many people saying that Devcon should have happened here so I believe lots of people will come around after while doing good tourism
I know from us @WhyldWanderer @cquinterom096 @sem are coming along :slight_smile:

Besides helping organize it, I was asked to do a Giveth workshop during the venue, I’ll be teaching how to create a project, how to donate, how to stake and so on.

Being conscious we’re a bit tight I wanted to let you guys know there are some sponsorship opportunities, we’ll have our spot and I’ll be doing the workshop nevertheless we fund or not, but I see it as an opportunity to support great work, and great humans, I know personally all organizers and we’re gonna do GREAT! - Giveth can have a great spotlight and I’ll make sure we are known among the attendees.

Here’s the deck for more details

Ethereum Medellin Deck

And here’s the Giveth project for some donation
Eth Medellin @ Giveth

  • Hummingbird - Let’s fund with 1K
  • Toucan - Let’s fund with 5K
  • Let’s fund with less than 1K
  • We should not fund, BUT let’s show some love on the Giveth project

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Yay!! Amazing to hear you will be doing the workshop @mateodaza - love it. And lmk if you need any support, happy to help!!

I’d happily donate personally to the giveth project, but I think we should honestly cut back event sponsorships during the bear market entirely, especially in this case since we have very little time to take advantage of the comms opportunity.

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Anyone else going to ETHMedillin? Looks like fun!

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