GIVeth Gitbook Translations

Hey there,
thanks for reviewing the list of most important docs to translate.

Yeah, the reason(s) for the 4 languages I proposed (Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese) are many, but main one being that our core team can translate these languages professionally, quickly and every contributor is experienced. I can provide and help with other languages too (We can definitely get French, perhaps Chinese, and others) but of course, the more, the more funding. I have translated several docs and can get on board other experienced people with other languages, but since I’m proposing the Terra Swarm, these 4 are languages in which I can assure we can provide very high quality and fast turnaround.

Of course, should the community require other languages, I can add that to the funding proposal and get to work to find trustworthy contributors.

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I see a definite immediate need for Spanish & Portuguese (based on the people I see in our community). I’m open to Italian and Turkish - it’s great to have more languages… let’s see what the final scope is.

As far as I can see, best next steps:

  • finish list of docs to be translated @ReForest @mitch
  • adjust funding request based on docs & number of languages @Stonky
  • get soft consensus in a poll in the forum
  • move funding proposal to the garden & get started on the work!
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Sounds like a plan.
I’ll wait for the list of docs and then will modulate the proposal for these 4 languages.

Awesome. I created this and it has been QA’d by Mitch.

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Thank you @ReForest.

@karmaticacid I’ll proceed with a calculation of costs based on the provided links for the 4 languages I mentioned earlier (Italian - Turkish - Spanish - Portuguese); If you want I can also already add French because we also have contributors for that and you mentioned earlier.

I’ll then present here an overview of the costs. Timeline-wise, Terra Swarm is currently not busy so we could get to work at any moment basically, providing a fast turnaround.

have a good day!

Hey guys,

All right, I made a bit of math and below I’m presenting the overview of all the docs listed in the file from ReForest.

I am presenting this sheet for a package of 5 language translations: Italian - Spanish - Turkish - Portuguese - French (Optional)
The titles below come from the aforementioned file from ReForest.

TITLE N° of Words
FAQ 2683
What is Giveth? 696
Giveth Community Covenant 1026
Code of Conduct 464
Community Communications Guide 1178
Giveth Circles 795
Circles > Community 457
Circles > Platform 428
Circles > GIVernance 488
Governance Process 800
Guides > Advice Process 1234
Guides > Discord Introduction and Tutorial 1624
Guides > Design & Brand Guidelines 11
DApps Documentation 29
User Guides > Intro to giveth . io 213
User Guides > Giveth . io > Getting Started 300
User Guides > Giveth . io > Cryptocurrency Donations 497
User Guides > Giveth . io > Create a project 272
User Guides > Giveth . io > Project quality assurance guide 547
User Guides > Giveth . io > Project Verification Process and Guideline 1258
User Guides > Giveth . io > How do I donate to a project? 219
User Guides > Giveth . io > Wallets > Using the Torus Wallet 792
User Guides > Giveth . io > Wallets > Donating with Fiat via the Torus on-ramp 304
User Guides > Giveth . io > Wallets > Import Torus Private Key into Metamask 588
User Guides > Giveth . io > Wallets > Donating with Metamask 285
User Guides > Giveth . io > Troubleshooting 303
User Guides > giveth . io > Frequently Asked Questions 400
GIVeconomy 714
GIVeconomy > GIVbacks 1323
GIVeconomy > GIVstream 609
GIVeconomy > GIVgarden 1508
GIVeconomy > GIVfarm 628
Developer Guides > Contributing to Giveth Development 1538
Developer Guides > Giveth . io > Installing Giveth . io for Local Development 508
Developer Guides > Giveth . io > Giveth . io Testing Guidelines 566
Developer Guides > GIVeconomy > Installing the GIVeconomy Front-End 230
Developer Guides > GIVeconomy > GIVeconomy Testing Guidelines 804
TOTAL 26319

For simplicity, and due to numerous repetitions, I would say that we can round up the number at 25000 words, therefore eliminating the cost of +1300 words (x5 languages). Respecting the usual rate of $0.11 per word, we will get to the following:


N° Words Price per word (Translation) Price per word (QA) N° of Languages Total
25000 $0.11 5 $13750
25000 $0.01 5 $1250
Extra 10% for quick updates 5 $1500
TOTAL $16500

As mentioned previously, Terra Swarm is currently not busy with any other doc translation, so for what concerns us, we’d be happy to forward the proposal and get to work once this one will (hopefully) pass.

Have a good weekend everyone, and sorry for the long post.


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Thanks for such a comprehensive breakdown! I would venture to say that french and italian are not necessary to translate at this point, turkish, portuguese and spanish would be great to have translations for. I also noticed we missed 1 doc that should be translated.

Also, could you clarify what the extra 10% for quick updates is for?


Hey @mitch thanks for the answer.
Honestly I’d be taking care of the Italian translations so if that’s not needed I’ll leave the convo and have someone else moving it forward for the other languages. As for pitching, planning and making the budget plan I don’t ask anything to Terra swarm at this point I’ve worked long enough for the others. :sweat_smile:
If the general consensus is not to have Italian (I’ll wait for other’s opinions too), then so be it.

By the way, that 10% extra is for quick updates and to have the budget for little changes, so to avoid a new proposal for very little amounts. It could be easily erased, but it would ensure fast turnarounds when a crucial update has been made.

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It would be good to have you around as point person for the terra swarm but I can understand. At any rate I don’t have any further feedback. Okay for the quick updates charge on my end! Let’s see if theres any other comments over the next day or two and perhaps you could draft a final proposal to take the to the GIV Garden and get those funds!

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@Stonky any updates on the revision of this translation proposal?

hey there. No not really, as I mentioned before slashing me off I was waiting on some other people to say if I should or should not do that, I thought people were busy at EthDenver.

@karmaticacid as you helped push this forward, I would love to hear your opinion.

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@karmaticacid sorry for the ping, i just thought maybe you guys missed this one.

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Hey @stonky are you saying that you’ll fully step out of the coordination role if we don’t go forward with Italian? Maybe you can consider yourself in the coordination role as an addition to the proposal?

I’d love to know how much the final proposals would be in two cases:

  1. With only Spanish, Portuguese & Turkish (and perhaps including a fee to keep you as coordinator)
  2. With Spanish, Italian, Portuguese & Turkish

This would definitely require coordination and if you step down from the role, it doesn’t really seem feasible to go forward unless someone else jumps in. You’ve been really great with coordination on this proposal and I’d like to make sure we keep you one way or another :sweat_smile:

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Hi @karmaticacid thank you for your answer. Nice to hear from you!

Here the budget plan, updated with the last file mentioned above, and calculating 3 languages. The total number of words is 27.431, which I rounded it up to 26000.

Just for context, we’re talking about the translation of 38 documents, so it is a big work and having the same team on it will ensure quality and unity.


N° Words Price per word (Translation) Price per word (QA) N° of Languages Total
26000 $0.11 3 $8580
26000 $0.01 3 $780
Extra 10% for quick updates 3 $900
TOTAL $10260

PROPOSAL A - With 3 languages the total is $10260. With a coordination fee I’d round it up to $11000.

PROPOSAL B - With 4 languages the total is $13680. I wouldn’t ask for any coordination fee

As explained earlier, the 10% is to have a little savings account to add/modify content without the need of asking for any fund.

I’m ready to forward the proposal at any time today, just let me know if we’re talking about the proposal A or B.

Have a good day! :slight_smile:

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I have forwarded the proposal A, which is going to cost less to the community.

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Hello guys! I just read the proposal and thank you for providing detailed and everything that needs to be done. coordination is definitely needed for this work. there is a lot of work and it would be to have someone holding it together.

Hi everyone.
The TerraDao proposal to work on the translation of Giveth Documentation has passed. And as part of our treasury management practices, we have paired some of the GIV with HNY+adding some HNY still sitting in our treasury until the translations are finished and payments are issued to individual translators. The wallet holding the funds is: 0x6Ed3cb62B5E28F3D38C5c1E495a5666075091c7E

Thanks to the community for the support, it is time for us to get to work now!

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Amazing!! Thanks @Stonky! Please coordinate with @MrBear and crew to make sure we don’t have any overlap for the Spanish translations, I believe they have already gotten started.

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Hey @stonky! What’s the status on this? Haven’t heard anything.

Hey @karmaticacid
You anticipated me of a few days!

Terra guys are working fast and efficiently:)

Spanish is completed, but needs some GitHub adjustments to keep it consistent with the original versions.

Turkish will be fully completed by the end of this week.

For Portuguese there were already 3 translators from the other group and although we haven’t made that official, I am thinking that they can complete it with the funds we had, so that the style of translations matches since a big chunk has been made by the same people.

Sorry for not sending an update earlier, but I wanted to wait until the ‘end’ was close and tangible enough to mention a clear end date.

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