Giveth <> ICHI angel vault proposal

Really cool proposal. I voted YES.

I went into the ICHI documentation as a lot of this was new to me. I have one concern though… one of the risks of AVs are that the wall might serve as a protection for people to dump a lot of tokens at almost the same price, till the wall breaks.

Did the calculation of the 1M stable /4M GIV was made considering the abusive benefits taken by the MiddleFinger?


Hi @graceless or @brianna can we discuss the details of this? Do we want to make a token swap, or we sell you the GIV after the fundraise? Let’s discuss this with Griff in more detail on discord perhaps in a group. Thx!

I am unsure what exactly you’re asking here! Can you please clarify/re-phrase?

Hey @yass - thank you for your interest and participation.

Happy to explain this on a call. There is no token swap necessary here, and there is no selling GIV tokens involved in this process! Calendly - Grace Pfluger

We are proposing a solution for protocol owned liquidity to protect the token price. We plan to mint a branded dollar, oneGIV with FEI and GIV.

Hi @JackLongarzo, we are actually looking into setting up a Fuse Pool! would be great if we can connect and go through the details and how we can set it up together. Shall we speak on discord? Yass#3392

Sorry, I missed this comment. But it’s all right now.

I was affraid the buy wall could be broken by a few actors that abused our liquidity mining opportunities. But I analyzed their wallets and with the measures the DAO has taken I consider it’s safe :slight_smile: