Giveth Legal Costs Funding Proposal

Proposal Information

Proposal description:
We are proposing to undergo a legal restructuring process for Giveth, which is essential for our organization’s growth and sustainability.

Proposal Rationale:
The purpose of this proposal is to inform the GIV holders, the Giveth community, and the wider giving ecosystem that we are undertaking a legal restructuring for Giveth. This restructuring process is crucial for optimizing our operations and ensuring our long-term viability.

Expected duration or delivery date:
The initial phase of the legal restructuring process is expected to be completed on or before July 2023. This phase will cover the setup costs and formalities required for the restructuring. Additionally, we anticipate an annual expense of approximately $2500 for legal maintenance costs.

Team Information

  • Yass
  • Freshelle

Yass is leading the legal restructuring initiative, while I will focus on accounting aspects.

Funding Information

Amount of funds requested:
We are requesting $4000 in stable coins (preferrably DAI) to cover the costs associated with the legal restructuring of Giveth.

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:
The requested funds will be allocated as follows:

  1. Professional fees: 3000 DAI

    • This includes costs associated with legal consultations, documentation, and any required legal services.
  2. Postal, shipping and miscellaneous costs: 1000 DAI

    • This covers expenses related to sending and receiving legal documents and materials necessary for the restructuring process, as well as any additional miscellaneous costs that may arise during the process.

The requested funds will be transferred to the indicated wallet address above which is specifically created for the legal restructuring process. Any unspent funds from this proposal will be maintained in the wallet and reserved for future expenses related to the legal restructuring. This ensures that the funds remain available for any unforeseen costs or ongoing legal requirements that may arise during or after the restructuring process.

Please note that due to the sensitive nature of the legal restructuring, it is a better strategy to avoid posting all the details of the legal structuring. However, rest assured that all funds will be used responsibly and in line with the objectives outlined in this proposal. All transactions will be reflected in the wallet address provided which can be verified anytime.

To ensure ongoing compliance and maintenance of the legal structure, we anticipate the need for an annual budget of approximately $2500. We will submit a separate funding proposal each year for this purpose.

By supporting this proposal, GIV holders will contribute to the ongoing legal restructuring efforts for Giveth, enabling us to enhance our operations and secure our future growth.

This will be open for advice process for 7 days, after which we will request funding from the Giveth main multisig as we will be requesting DAI stable token.

Do you support this funding proposal?

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  • No

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I 100% support. We really need a legal entity for KYC so we are eligible to receive funds for grants we have won!


This is very much needed for most of the grants we are applying for, so without it, will really cut down on the grants we target. 100 billion Yes!

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Are there any details of legal work to be conducted within the scope of this proposal?

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Hey @markop, within this scope, the legal work mainly is getting assistance from legal professionals in this restructuring efforts.


Makes sense, thanks Freshelle.


Supporting this 100% too! Thanks for putting this proposal up, Fresh!

100% agree, and I feel in the right place, that cares for legal restructuring with time & needs

The multisig transaction is up for voting here.

Something like a Giveth Foundation? might want to put in the overall public reason for this entity. "further the cause of Giveth going fully decentralized, and eventually close this system down, as it can be accomplished.’ (has its own board) goal to NOT exist, but until all the various projects accept DAO’s totally, we are here. ;0