Giveth New Year's Resolutions - 2023

Hey everyone!

In the communitas call this past Tuesday, @WhyldWanderer asked everyone what their New Year’s resolutions are from a Giveth standpoint, and it inspired me to write this post.

I think the turn of a year is a great time to reflect on the time that’s passed and set intentions for the future. In this post, I’m inviting you, if you choose, to explicity set some intentions for you with Giveth for the year 2023.

Here are some prompts:

  • What are some areas (or working groups!) that you would like to focus in on this year?
  • What are some skills you would like to develop?
  • What are some habits you want to break or let go of?

For some inspiration, some ideas I’ve heard are:

  • I want to get more involved in Giveth governance via the forum.
  • I want to spend less time getting caught up reviewing details of Giveth comms posts, and focus on bigger picture impact & growth.
  • I want to bring in more grant & investor funding to Giveth.

This post is just for fun, and also a place that we can all share with each other and grow as a community. Let’s onboard projects & donors, launch amazing products, expand our minds & hearts, and manifest a magical, impactful 2023!


I would like all of us to focus on:

  1. finding a sustainable funding model for Giveth (partnerships, matching pools, possibly investment)
  2. landing a partnership with a big name in traditional non-profit space (think Gitcoin and Unicef)
  3. market research, talk more to existing and new project owners and non-profits in general, and see what problems can Giveth solve for them
  4. marketing, onboarding some influencers with large base of followers who would promote Giveth
  5. maintenance of the current version of the DApp and building new features only if it solves a big problem for a large share of the market, or if it is a strategical decision backed by financial returns

Great initiative @karmaticacid

What I would like for Giveth for 2023 is…

  • Intentional efforts to increase our user base, mainly projects as I do think projects are the ones that attract their donor base. Minimum 3500 projects on the user base & have them way more engaged.

  • Discover how to help new projects become better at raising funds with Giveth. I think many projects go dormant if they fail to raise funds fast.

  • Partner up with organizations that can help us: onboard more projects, channel more donations through the platform or give exposure to Giveth.

  • Work together more closely with the traditional impact market.

Regarding Giveth, I would like to work & support the following efforts in:

  1. Building strong bridges with traditional impact ecosystem organizations.
  2. Working with organizations that support for-good projects, by providing workshops & support to bring their projects into Giveth.
  3. Developing best practices for fundraising on Giveth & train stakeholders on them
  4. Bringing investors into Giveth.

Besides Giveth, I would like to:

  1. Learn more about token engineering.
  2. Invest in crypto (mostly infrastructure and regen stuff) to be able to become a more capitalized investor for regen economies and other projects in the future.
  3. Keep a healthy work/life balance.
  4. Learn & grow.

I would love to start interfacing with more players from the traditional nonprofit space and start to expand my representation of Giveth to outside the web3 bubble.

I would also like to be better at pitching GIV to investors. I am pretty good at pitching the vision, but pitching GIV is harder.


:slightly_smiling_face: Hola amiguitxs

What are some areas (or working groups!) that you would like to focus in on this year?
I’d love to link & align the strategy and do more teamwork for: Comms, community & partnerships.

What are some skills you would like to develop?
Better mkt for Web3, being faster in writing texts & creating content. Being a better project manager.

What are some habits you want to break or let go of?
I need to focus more, my ADHD bc of Social Media is out of control .



I would love Giveth to find a way to be sustainable. I agree with Marko and Griff about exploring more partnerships with communities outside web3 bubble. The traditional nonprofit world is huge and we can learn from other organizations experiences and offer them a way to enter web3.

I would also like Giveth to become less “techie” and more social org. It is true web3 still has a big entry barrier but if we want to grow massively we have to find ways to become more “social”. I believe the fiat ramp will be a great tool for that purpose.

I would also like to explore new possibilities with TrueBlocks tool once we set it up with DappNode.


1.I wanna bring and onboard more projects, not just skate related, but of all kinds to and through giveth, I think giveth is a safe, easy place to onboard project owners and donors

  1. I wanna learn more coding, mainly enough to run and gnars apps and community better. I also want to learn the best use for AI tools, I think that can boost my productivity over this year. Also I wanna learn more handrail skills for skate

  2. I wanna smoke less (just a bit less) , eat better, and I want to let go the habit of not managing my time the best I can

And, I wanna continue to be the most I can manage with giveth fam !

best resolution, I wanna go to giveths home at least 1 time this year again!


I want to help develop Comms toward a more professional, meaningful, impactful use of language, one that moves outside the web3 bubble as well.

What I want for Giveth:

  • See our comms and community improve and bring us closer to mass adoption in crypto as the schelling point to make donations and support impact.
  • Build out our GIVeconomy so that we can support the GIV token and have systems in place to eventually make our DAO financially sustainable.

A few things I want to work on this year:

  • I want to work more in the GIVeconomy and actively help build the next phase of the roadmap
  • To that end I would like to more actively use and improve my coding skills, especially around solidity development
  • As a Giveth contributor I would like to work on being more patient with newcomers, projects owners and generally people who want to know more about Giveth.
  • Also I got recently into running eth validators (dappnode baby!), I would like by the end of the year to be running my own mainnet validator!

Loving this post & reading from others. Thank you @karmaticacid, great idea! :hugs:

  • What are some areas (or working groups!) that you would like to focus in on this year?

Build solid foundation for managing disputes in community in positive way ,and have a positve impact on HR process and the way we communicate and interact with our fellow co-workers, and ultimately how we show up to the conflict as an individuals.

  • What are some skills you would like to develop?

Public speaking, improve my english grammer, keep learning about the complexicity of blockchain.

  • What are some habits you want to break or let go of?

I want to quit smoking, lol, but that’s not Giveth related.
I want to break the freaking fear of being judged for my opinions cause I want to speak my opinion more often even within Giveth, so I am working on encouraging myself to engage more in discussions generally when I have things to say no matter how stupid I feel. Which includes me being more active in forum!

My goals for Giveth

  • I’d love for Giveth to be sustainable, either getting funding or creating an effective business model that suits stakeholders.
  • I’d love to have more project and donor diversification, rather than the core base of donors already being associated with Giveth. (But I don’t know how to do this, not my area of expertise).

My personal goals:

  • I’d like to focus on getting more involved in governance, the forum, voting, and helping the backend of HR run smoothly.
  • I want to get more involved with Gravity and support conflict transformation within our DAO.
  • I’d love to take a course about technical recruiting and executive/leadership coaching, be in a Kernel cohort, and get better at filtering/reading my emails.
  • Personally, I’d like to read more IRL books this year. My kindle just isn’t cutting it.