Giveth Partnership with WorkDAO

Giveth’s potential partnership with WorkDAO has been inspired by listening to the needs of many contributors. The main needs voiced by contributors are;

  1. A legal entity, with an address, to provide employment and tax documentation, thus making it easier for contributors to file taxes in their respective countries as a freelancer.
  2. Immigration or visa sponsorship assistance, requiring employment invitation letters, especially for our team members based in the Middle East.

WorkDAO’s Services

WorkDAO offers Web3 contributors services, such as employment services, employee benefits, token payroll, and token taxes. WorkDAO’s premise takes the employer liability and ensures ongoing compliance with local labor, payroll, tax and securities laws. WorkDAO will legally hire and compensates contributors on Giveth’s behalf, with localized employment and contractor agreements.

Becoming legally tax compliant with payroll services also comes with an additional cost. Depending on the country, additional taxes can be between 19-30% more, of the contributor’s base wage.

WorkDAO might be able to provide visa sponsorship for contributors onboarded as employees. This service is an additional cost. However, WorkDAO also mentioned they cannot guarantee visa and immigration assistance to countries that are under US sanctions, that includes Iran and Russia.

WorkDAO’s Service Options

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Contributor for Payroll Services, which includes token, stablecoin & fiat payroll with full legal & tax compliance for employees & contractors.
  2. Contributor for Employment Status, which includes employer-of-record services with localized employment contracts and benefits administration.

(For exact prices please click the link to their pitch deck. I signed an NDA with WorkDAO and I cannot publicly share their prices).

WorkDAO offers a "town hall” discussion, in which WorkDAO can explain their services and contributors can ask questions. Town halls are free.

Contributor Questions

There’s a lot of layers to a potential partnership with WorkDAO with many questions that need to be answered. I expect a rich advice process.

• Who will pay the additional taxes, Giveth or the contributor?

• Who will pay the WorkDAO’s fee, Giveth or the contributor?

• Would Giveth like to schedule a town hall with WorkDAO?

More details about WorkDAO’s presentation partnership with Giveth is attached in this proposal. (I know how much Mitch loves links inside proposals).

  • Yes, let’s continue the conversation.
  • Yes, let’s continue the conversation by scheduling a townhall with WorkDAO.
  • No, let’s not pursue a partnership with WorkDAO.

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has anyone Compared this to for US based contributors? I have an Opolis setup, salary based, you setup an LLC, accepts usdc/xdai on ethmain or polygon. Does have a minimum Salary, based on the legals of each State (rounded up a bit)
Has optional health benefits. (others have stated how great those were, but to me, not as good as my wifes So, def user dependent )

I think there should have been an option in this poll to discuss this a bit further. I’m neither for or against, but I’d like to discuss the pros and cons, burning needs for this and any other possible option available in the web3 space.

I totally want to discuss more! Unfortunately, now I can’t make edits to the poll. I’d love to get a list of contributor questions and have a rich discussion.

Yes, I’ve personally explored Opolis. It’s a great service. Now, I’m trying to find solutions for our contributors in different parts of the world that are also having difficulty with tax compliance and benefits.

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Hopefully you’ll find more options

Keen to know more, whether it would apply to every contributor to Giveth by default or opt-in/out; seems this is currently a US-based need as a potential solution for some current issues. Will keep posted. Thanks for the proposal and all the info.

Hi @hanners717 thanks for creating this proposal and for bringing it up in today’s governance call. I think it can help to many…maybe even to me in the future… Curious how about Czech and/or Costa Rica…

I personally think that all that have been discussed today make a lot of sense.

Just to summurize it:

  • this is optional service to choose for contributors who are in need of these types of services
  • since this would be an optional choice, it would be up to contributor to pay most of the price (Giveth would support by some %)

I am in favor of having a townhall with the DAO and be able to prepare more specific questions…

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Here’s a list of questions that our contributors have for WorkDAO, please add any other that you have to this document <3

I’ll submit the questions to WorkDAO, then we can schedule a town hall.

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Thank you so much @hanners717 for following this up. The townhall was interesting for me and I think it’s straightforward. It seems we need to enter into a partnership with them to proceed. so I’m just asking if you can put another poll asking for all to start a partnership with them so it can pass through the Aragon.

Hello everyone! I updated the town hall questions, with answers, from our meeting with WorkDAO yesterday. Here is also the link to request access to watch the recording :slight_smile:

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For my next step, I’m meeting with Dom either on Thursday or early next week to start writing a new and more detailed DAO proposal, to really get clear on our partnership terms. I’m going as quick as I can, so we can get this to a DAO vote on Aragon.