Giveth party at The Daoist Mexico!

Hallo GIVers of Giveth and the Gardners of GIVgarden!

I’m part of The DAOist Mexico organization and would love to throw a Giveth Party :partying_face:

As The DAOist is just around the corner happening in Mexico, a group of Mexicans involved in the night scene saw a great opportunity to throw a Giveth side party at the DAOist. We really think that this party should capture the music and the nacional scene that happens so intense and passionately in the City.

This party will be a side party for The DAOist attendees, but it will be full Giveth branded, with banners, visuals and flyers. After attending to Eth Denver, and have a closer look to the side events happening, we really think is important to throw event that actually capture the cultural and nacional elements, rather to make an all techno more generic vibe.

Name: Giveth after party at The DAOist Mexico!
Location: Roma/Condesa districts (same Districts in which the event is happening)
Capacity: 100
Date: Saturday, March 5th
Time: 9:00pm MT - 3:00pm MT

We’re looking for a venue near to the main event with good food and with some veggie, dairy-free, gluten free options so that everyone can enjoy. But a place big enough so people can talk without screaming.

We’re having a DJ lineup from the local scene to throw a Latin - experimental party sounds, and oculus DJs happening as well.

We’re 3 producers now located in México with experience in DJing and producing events as well as design and graphic materials.

We build community and generate tailor made experiences for the WEB 3 ecosystem!

Please find our fund request below

*4000 USD - 0.00038ETH

Hope to see you at Mexico! :mexico:

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Thanks @OyeAlmond for posting this!!

For background to our Unicorns… I had a sync call w/ Almond & the team today, and I am totally in support of the idea. I discussed it with @griff as well.

A couple of extra thoughts for the planning crew:

  • we do have a giveth banner which we can bring, but it would be great if your team could hook us up with some flyers
  • we’re definitely not into open-bar because we don’t want to endorse people getting trashed :sweat_smile: it would be great if we could make this super fun, and also have some nice wholesome community vibes
  • anyway we could start earlier? like at 7pm - 1am? or even 8pm - 2am? because…


I’m super happy to coordinate with the team for decision making and feedback! I will definitely have opinions on:

  • designs
  • DJs
  • Food
  • Venue

I’m not opposed to having an open-bar. We definitely have benefitted from many open-bars in past conferences and it would be cool to pay it back.

I like 7pm - 1am

Ty so much for your comments @karmaticacid @mitch agree to better not have and open bar, and incentivize attendees with other experiences like the music, maybe some VR and real Mexico food.
We def can support with flyers, and ofc, we can fix an earlier time. I like 7 - 1 .

One question, for the graphic we can play a bit with the Giveth logo/brand? to brandalize it a little bit in a fun engaging way (meaning modify the logo for the event purposes) , so we can start working in a proposal.

Ty all for the support!

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Here’s the submitted proposal by Chuy (also organizing The DAOist Mex) to make things easier around the 5k deposit . But is the same project :pray:t3:

We normally have a 5 Day advice process… so I will wait 5 days to vote on this (March 1st)… I see the time issues here, so i think it’s ok to leave the vote up, given the time issue.

This a bigger debate we should have with our DAO

Also if you need to sell the GIV I will buy it OTC :smiley:


Perfect (and srry for getting ahead). Thank you for your support! :sparkles: And yes @Griff it would be great if you could help me buying the GIV :pray:t3:

Hey Almond, sorry for the delayed response here

Regarding the logo, I think it’s totally cool if you want to play with the logo with the flyer, as long as it’s still very clearly the logo. We had this really fun old design where someone used the logo in a dreamcatcher, and it was a big hit!

Also since this post has been up for 5 days it is technically ok to be on the GIVgarden now. I will help to rally some voters.