Giveth podcast hosted by Griff Green proposal 🎙

:bear: During Bear Markets good quality content stands out even more
This podcast will be hosted by @Griff & will be branded by Giveth!

Why podcast?
Is the ideal content format w the potencial of providing multiple benefits:

:star_struck: Bring attention to the Giveth Galaxy
:money_mouth_face: An outlet for sponsors & partnerships
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Community Growth & engagement around Giveth’s ecosystem
:smirk: Amplify the efforts happening in Giveth & the Galaxy

Yeah, but why is it a good idea?
Giveth already count w all the resources to make this possible:

  • A charismatic host with a great name & trajectory in the Web3 space
  • Great & engaging comms channels w a define tone of voice and quality content
  • An impressive network of talented people w the capacity of having engaging conversations
  • An organized & proactive team to divide and conquer.
  • Enough resources to produce this without having an extra cost

We need the community ideas to help shape this effort!

After a Brainstorm session @Griff & myself came with 3 possible routes:

:bulb: IDEA 1 ‘Web3 Public Goods’ podcast

Racional: A podcast featuring conversations with project makers focused in making a positive impact in the Public Goods space, can be Giveth’s project owners. Each episode will always be themed and will have multiple guests dialoguing (3 guests x episode aprox).

Topics could be: human rights, activism, animal activism, conflicts around the world (Ukraine, Iran).

:bulb: IDEA 2 ‘Go deep into dApps’ podcast

Racional: A podcast featuring different Public Goods dApps. The show will go deep into dApps highlighting the builders around. Is not about ‘shilling’ is more about ‘show me what you got’: The conversation will cover technical details & user experience of dApps. The idea is to feature the builders behind the dApps that are little known.

dApps could be: Ethic Hub, Public Nouns, Gitcoin, Uniswap, Dappnode, Giveth.

:bulb: IDEA 3 ‘GM!’

Racional: A podcast that will feature fun, smart & ‘memed’ Web3 conversations between friends. The idea is to get away of the formality and dryness of crypto panels, crypto podcasts & interviews, and feature the human side of crypto. These are conversations between Griff & Griff’s friends (different fren x episode) around a topic.

Topics could be: Burning Man, The future of Web3?, technology

How can you contribute?

  • :point_up_2:t3: These ideas are not set on stone. Write your thoughts about them, mention which one you like the most, or a new idea of how this podcast could be structured.
  • Can you think of a cool name for the podcast? The names I wrote above are names to differentiate each idea, not final names for the podcast. Tip: @Griff used to have a podcast called Griff’s Riff (ty @WhyldWanderer)
  • Ok, first things first, do you think having a podcast is a good idea and can support Giveth? Vote here please! :point_down:t3:
  • Yey, I think is a good idea :slightly_smiling_face:
  • No, I have concerns and I’ll add them below

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:face_with_monocle: The details

The podcast aims to be out twice a month, w a duration no longer then 30 mins. (tbd)
Will be broadcast in Giveth’s Twitter, Fb & Youtube swapping between Giveth’s Twitter Spaces, at 9am CT. This can be achieved though the Streamyard Platform. (tbd) Thanks @WhyldWanderer for giving this idea!

Here you’ll find a Notion page w all the details to keep a registry of this project

Thank you @WhyldWanderer, @clara_gr @NikolaCreatrix for staring the conversations about creating a podcast. Thank you @karmaticacid for sharing @Griff podcast idea w me!


I love this idea :heart_eyes:

Idea 1 - I’m always in support of showcasing projects: would this be the evolution of Meet the Makers or run alongside?
Idea 2 - Would be of particular interest to me from an education perspective and it’s always good to share a platform with PG friends.
Idea 3 - I particularly like this idea as it breaks the mould.

I would like all of these 3 ideas to go ahead, probably starting with idea 3 as it gives listeners a chance to get to know the people behind the tech, build a following and engagement, whilst offering some insights into what Giveth (and friends) are all about.

This in turn makes the discussions featured in Idea 1 and 2 more relevant, interesting and impactful for the listener, giving Giveth a chance to deliver key messages around Giveth, Web3 PG and the importance of the relationships with other dApps.

@Griff you are a super-star at this stuff - thanks @OyeAlmond @karmaticacid @NikolaCreatrix @WhyldWanderer @Cori thanks for pushing forward with all the ‘live comms’ content and doing such a great job.


Hey @clara_gr! Thank you for your support!

Idea 1 - I’m always in support of showcasing projects: would this be the evolution of Meet the Makers or run alongside?

The podcast will run alongside to Meet the Makers

This in turn makes the discussions featured in Idea 1 and 2 more relevant, interesting and impactful for the listener, giving Giveth a chance to deliver key messages around Giveth, Web3 PG and the importance of the relationships with other dApps.

Yeah, Maybe a good mix could be having both! dedicated dApps episodes, and Public Goods (activism, science, etc) themed episodes.


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I believe it is a great idea to give visibility to some of the stuff going on in our community on top of getting to know other communities and web3 dApps around social good.


ughhh @oyealmond you are so amazing. Thank you for putting together this proposal that is both a great opportunity that is low budget & high impact for Giveth… and written in such a way that I feel inspired and grateful to be part of the team.

I think Idea 2 (Go deep into dApps) & idea 3 (GM) will be the most suited for our purposes & our host.

I think we are already doing great work with meet the makers to get projects more exposure, but what we really need now is more eyes on Giveth, development products, builds… We to build stronger partnerships with other builders in the space to gain more support (and hopefully funding/grants/investment!).

Griff, imo, is the most charming when is passionately interested in something. He asks great questions, is a critical thinker and gets to the bottom of complex subjects. I think his charisma would be most impactful is if we match him with partners that are doing innovative things for public goods… and also it’s an opportunity for him to share his wisdom in that field to help support other orgs.

I think Idea 2 & 3 and kind of similar too in some ways, because a lot of Griff’s friends are just cool humans in crypto. I imagine if you put Griff & Leftharis on a call, for example, you’d hear old war stories with a human familiarity, and probably would learn something about Rotki.

Also Griff’s devcon talk was a huge success - so much hype all around the ecosystem - because of the way he summarized & shared about cool projects. Projects appeciated it, users appreciated… everyone got to learn something and see all these things together. Idea 2 is kind of like a great continuation of that talk.

“GM” is a great name also btw… Griff was saying “Good Morning” at all hours long before the GM meme arose. Ask @freshelle!


Wow! I am so thrilled by reading this! To have @Griff with his charm, connections, charismatic energy be hosting a Giveth podcast is a genius idea!! I’m so excited that this is happening!

I loved reading all those ideas! But after reading @karmaticacid’s perspective and feeling little more into it, it does make a lot of sense to me that #2 and #3 are no brainer and the best suited for Griff.

The idea #1 is great and inclusive to all public goods projects, however I see it as another similar effort on top of MTM discord editions for verified projects, and MTM twitter editions for all giveth project’s and therefore possible confusion coming out of it for our audience, including myself. :slight_smile:

Evethough Griff’s name could potentially add even more fame to the selected projects hence more donations, I think we should go for one or another, meaning either we keep building MTM umbrella or we transition into Web3 Public Goods’ podcast and do not continue with MTM twitter space to avoid putting same efforts into very similar formats.

I think we should keep brainstorming and playing with different versions of interviews for projects as another added value canvas, see what we can do with the skills we have in armour, and let that develop alongside these great initiatives.

Awesome proposal and initiative @OyeAlmond :star_struck: :star_struck:

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Thanks for putting this together @OyeAlmond, I would love a @Griff podcast!

I vote for the 3rd option, I like the GM brand and think it has the most potential since it could combine many different subjects (including getting deeper into daps).

Some potential ideas I have are:

  • There could be themes interviewing people and discussing projects within the Giveth Galaxy to highlight initiatives we’re working on (diving into GIVpower, Gurves, Launching a Commons, TE Academy, Augmented Bonding Curves, web3 swag shops etc.). I think we often hear about these on internal calls and in conference talks, but it would be nice to dive deeper into them in longer formats. Also, people often ask “what are real use cases for web3” and I think having a library to show them all the cool things we’re working on would be amazing. In a way, this also covers the second idea you mentioned (diving deeper into dapps).

  • Discuss some of our philosophy around “what is money”, “how to build microeconomies”, “how to build productive DAO’s”, “how to build DAO liquidity”, “how to do governance right”, “how to incentivize participation” etc. There could be themes where we discuss a complex issue (or even practical problems) and discuss our approach to how we think about them. We have a lot of thought leadership that I think needs to be highlighted more.

  • One thing that I’ve seen a lot of people post about on Twitter recently is “where are all the good web3 people?”, so I think having a podcast that dives deeper into people using web3 for positive use cases would be amazing. I think for this we’d want to be different than other podcasts (like Green Pill for example), so maybe focus not just on founders but any inspiring person in the space (like some of the lesser known OG people in Griff’s network or anyone in the Giveth Galaxy).


I think is a great idea! I like the first option, I think the conversation could be really cool and interesting kinda The Midnight Gospel. I would say the best idea is to invite relevant people around public goods to capitalize their communities to Giveth and alternate with verified projects.
I really like option 2 but I think could be useful but I think fits with other kind of content, more as a course (I Can imagine one of DeFi for beginners using Giveth platform)
And option 3 sounds great for Twitter Spaces.

The name sounds great GM!
After all this mess with FTX and that stuff, sounds great to hear people doing good things with crypto, that will give some hope to the listeners.


:star_struck: I’m thrilled after seeing the community support for a @Griff’s hosted Giveth podcast!

Your feedback has been great, thank you. I need your support to get some final details defined…

  • Idea 1 looks like the less popular as Meet The Makers digital event is already focused in highlighting Giveth’s project owners.
  • Is important to differentiate this effort from other that are already out there. Loved @aabugosh suggestion of centering the episodes in concrete themes: "Web3 use cases”, “what is money”, “how to build microeconomies”, “how to build productive DAO’s”, “how to build DAO liquidity”, “how to do governance right”, “how to incentivize participation”
  • I hear you liked GM! as the name. Also loved @aabugosh idea about good Web3 ppl. Maybe the name can be also smth like: “Web3 Goodfellas” - hehehe . “Good Web3”

So with your thoughts in mind I will say the way to go is:

  • A podcast branded by Giveth, hosted by @Griff, featuring ‘good humans in crypto’. Adding Griff’s unique charisma to the equation, two types of episodes will be happening:
    – Conversations w “Griff’s friends” around specific dApps, 2 ppl interview format.
    – Episodes with 3 or more ppl discussing specific topics “Web3 & Activism” “what is money”, “how to build microeconomies”, “how to build productive DAO’s”, “how to build DAO liquidity”, “how to do governance”.
    This 2 types of episodes (basically only changing the # of ppl on stage) will be framed by the concept: “Web3 Good People”.
  • Agree on this as the way to start. Let’s Go!
  • No wait, I will add smth to consider in the comments below…

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:mega: I will also love to hear your thoughts around the name:

  • GM!
  • Web3 Goodfellas (smth related to Good Web3 ppl)
  • I will like to propose smth different and I’ll write it below…

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Thank you :purple_heart:


Can you clarify this @oyealmond? What do you mean “framed by the concept”?

ofc! Ty for asking @karmaticacid :sparkles:

“Good ppl in Web3” will serve as the concept behind the podcast. With this concept in mind, the designs, messaging and the production around the 1:1 talks & 3 or more, will always feel align & coherent.
Basically the concept to start from.



Got it! Thanks! Sounds great.

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A podcast is a great medium to be launching! The first steps to start with, as outlined by @OyeAlmond, also makes sense to me because it combines educational episodes (what is money) with technical episodes (dApps).

I still think it could be great to include some Web3 Public Goods episodes from Idea 1, since IMO it’s about highlighting the positive impact that Giveth is helping to generate. Especially in the bear market and recession, I’ve heard many people questioning what impact orgs are actually creating. Meet the Makers is happening in Discord, but a podcast would reach donors and projects outside of web3.

In regards to a title, I would go for something like @aabugosh suggested - web3 for good, good people in web3, etc. Web3 Goodfellas is pretty cute. It’s much more descriptive of the actual content to expect, and makes it easier to share outside of the web3 sphere (GM is exclusive in that way).


I really like this idea too! Thanks for doing this @OyeAlmond.

I think this is also a great opportunity to have open and fun talks with people that we want to add to our community: Non-profits, big donors ecosystem enablers, investors, potential partners, other DAOs, etc. I think the broadness of idea 3 is a good fit for this.

Eventually, this could also be a source of revenue

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@OyeAlmond amazing job!! What helps me with marketing efforts is thinking in terms of content pillars. This creates consistency in the podcast content so we make sure we’re consistently attracting the kind of audience we want :slight_smile:

So for example (these can be tweaked but just for illustrative purposes)

Pillar 1- Web 3 Impact Leaders - Griff’s conversation between friends (focus on connecting on a human level, sharing their story, sharing the impact they’re making, opportunities to collaborate in the space, how to get involved etc.

Pillar 2 - Web 3 Ecosystem- this is where we could go into Dapps and the ecosystem behind Web 3 and also opportunity to dive deeper into Giveth Galaxy.

Pillar 3 - Web 3 Solving Problems - this I think could be a major draw to the podcast because it’s really different. The idea would be to chat about current challenges/ problems in Web 3 and focusing on the solutions to these problems. A roundtable would be extremely high value and also spark some interesting debates! I think even better, would be if we could zoom it in one layer deeper and stick to challenges in the Refi Space so it’s closer to home. For transparency, we could also table discussions with Giveth to share our journey and how we’re evolving in the space.


Hi dear DAO.
Sending some updates around the podcast:

· GM! is the name for the podcast hosted by @Griff.
· The first episode will be launched Friday Jan 13th, 10 am CST through Giveth’s Twitter & Youtube channels. Make sure to not miss it!
· We’re aiming to launch an episode every two weeks.
· We will gather feedback from the team after releasing the first 4 episodes.
This is the first time we launch a podcast, defining a style & a voice takes time. Please be mindful when sharing your thoughts & new ideas :sun_with_face:

Thank you :slight_smile: