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We love the research that has been recently carried out by Tossyn on users’ interactions with the platform and we would like to extend this research to better understand intrinsic donor and project motivation and pain points beyond the user-interface of

The Connect WG would like to propose two surveys, one for projects and one for donors to probe for some qualitative answers that in turn will help us to:

  • Improve project fundraising
  • Better support projects to help themselves
  • Enhance the project experience
  • Raise project profiles - the Giveth “shop window”
  • Attract new and interested donors

There are several projects that have raised little or no funds and it’s not clear why this is. Some possible reasons may be lack of fundraising experience, lack of clarity or detail on profile page, staff capacity.

There may be problems accessing funds raised, off ramping, regulatory concerns, lack of buy-in from project stakeholders.

Donors may only want to give to specific categories of projects or may be attracted to donate by specific information provided. They may only wish to donate to projects in their region or specific projects that they know.

The answers to these questions and more may be critical to help projects get ‘unstuck’, attract more donors and create engagement on the platform.

Here is what we propose:

Goal: To increase giving and bring more users to the Giveth platform by understanding:

  • the types of projects donors want to give to p
    *project pain points so that we can enhance their fundraising experience.


  • One project survey targeting current projects on the platform
  • One donor survey targeting current donors on the platform

Length: each survey should take less than 10 min

Tool: Giveth Typeform/Autopilot for emailing and Giveth social channels to maximise reach (Discord; Twitter)

Channel: Project and donor email lists - response rate can be tracked (industry-standard response rate is about 1-3% and donor survey response rate is a little higher 5-10%, we should be expecting a good sample size of existing projects and donors)

Timeline: June 2022

We would need support on getting access to those lists.

Issue contributors: Melody/Claire/Tossyn

Please feel free to comment below and show your support by voting.

  • Yes, let’s find out more!
  • No, that’s not necessary.

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YES! I’m in favour of this proposal and would like to offer help in the form of advice or other ways needed.

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I think it’s very important to better understand the underlying factors why projects are doing good and bad. As well as, why donors donate.

Important update… seems that a POAP hunter filled 950+ typeforms for the donor 101 course. @WhyldWanderer will reach out to typeform, people won’t be able to fill them in till June 10th

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Great proposal @qqsong !

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Asking clarifying questions that distinguish problems with the platform from problems with fundraising from problems with crypto fundraising could provide the key data points for projects, and

Is even more important for guiding how we allocate our resources toward developing the features that meet those needs.

Would it be possible for this to be a collaboration of sorts with other crypto donation platforms, to survey a wider audience and share data, demonstrating our values of cooperation and boosting the ecosystem as a whole?

BrightID or PoH?

I wonder if this is a signal for us to start looking at integration of identity tools.

Sounds good @qqsong - I can help share with you access to make a typeform on Giveth using Lastpass. The issue with it being filled out many times by bots & suspended has been resolved thanks to Ashley, Griff & Ahmad.

If you write an email and get it QA’d by another comms contributor (as per our process) @WhyldWanderer or @Cotabe can help you set it up to send via autopilot.

I can help share via Twitter & any unicorn can post in the announcements channel. I can coordinate with you to explain my process for that if you have any questions.


Yes more shared knowledge about donors and projects would be helpful.
I’d really like to learn more about the way Giveth as a platform would help both sides of the equation.

I not necessarily of the believe that focusing on one side more than the other is a better strategy. I’m thinking extermination around the edges of where donors and projects meet is helpful for engagement on the platform. That’s why more data on both sides of the platform are helpful and appreciated. Ty @Tossynee and @qqsong.

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sound great thanks @karmaticacid

Amazing proposal and survey’s are extremely useful. One suggestion, maybe lower the length, as 10 minutes could be a little too long of a timeframe in todays world.

Also, besides just current projects and donors, should consider how to target non current projects and donors too.

Looking forward to being a part of this project :slight_smile:


@markop will share the drafts with you and the design team for revision and comments.

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Survey is up and viewable for final offerings here: GivethDonorSurveyDesign - Google Docs

Also, please take the typeform and let us know if there are any issues with it here: Donor Survey

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