Giveth Rewards Distribution - Round 16

GIV Rewards Distribution - round-16 - 31/12/22 to 31/1/23

Hello everyone! This is the distribution for round 16 for the Praise rewards. After it’s execution the rewards will be available to claim through the GIVstream .

This period covers praise given between 31 December 2022 and 31 January 2023. We allocated 116000.0 GIV tokens for rewards. Some praise accounts still haven’t been activated so the total amount below will be less than what we set aside to distribute. If you want to learn more about the distribution process visit this forum post for more information.

Out of the total rewards:

  • 90% of the tokens were given as praise rewards :pray:
  • 7% distributed among quantifiers :balance_scale:
  • 3% assigned to Praise Organization :memo:

This data has been reviewed by the Quantifiers and the Reward Board, and will be submitted for distribution to the Rewards DAO

You can check out the full period analysis here . :bar_chart:

The total amount of rewards has been modified according to our Rewards Calculation Method. You can find the calculation for this round here.

This post will be open to the community for review for 48 hours then submitted to the Reward Board for final execution. :heavy_check_mark:

The Rewards Distribution for this round is as follows:

Username Rewards in GIV
oyealmond#0 5543.563452
cotabe#0 4092.900426
griffgreen#0 3371.653645
yass.o#0 3148.744041
whyldwanderer#0 3056.545827
karmaticacid#0 2728.600284
mateodaza 2621.511269
mohammad_ranjbar_z#0 2278.112812
cuidadopeligro 4002.881536
divine_comedian#0 2119.391838
geleeroyale 2187.145359
carlos096#0 2107.721178
Cori#8483 4054.387249
missing username 2299.12
aabugosh#0 1799.615756
moenick#0 1670.071431
hanners717#0 1656.06664
_cherik#0 1654.899574
brichis 3089.293082
moeshehab#0 1437.825299
nikola_creatrix 1314.404786
nicbals 1246.34336
suga 1148.67399
clarazi 963.914533
alireza7612#0 864.7958985
Amin#2164 854.2923046
missgene 1165.962618
ramin 780.5446449
freshelle#0 734.0845076
Jake🐍#0203 1447.161827
mosaeedi#0 622.0461726
toraif 689.0702068
HBesso31🐙#4560 1087.705503
Maryjaf#2478 1038.688731
danibelle_the_uno_and_only 627.6532877
Juankbell#7458 872.9653604
rodricast#0 375.7952487
santibcn#0 366.4587208
Tosin#8012 360.6233909
markop#2007 301.1030254
Rainer#4613 532.1820914
luluavalloni#4382 464.492264
Ashiq#7385 427.1461523
Steffan | SteeTweets#9260 394.4683046
Kurt_M#9803 296.4347614
miguelb#5176 282.4299695
vladhzc#0420 275.4275736
giantkin#0 128.3772589
VitorNunes#0090 245.0838579
kirch#5936 228.744934
iviangita#0 158.7209746
tropicalmango#3240 158.7209746
Sym#3186 147.0503147
BiancaGadelha#2667 147.0503147
zeptimusq#0 123.7089949
tekr ( 116.706599
Maxwe11#7157 116.706599
r33pich33p#6906 98.03354315
gleason#5557 98.03354315
enp#1293 79.36048731
tamarandom#0 74.69222335
checkfit#7337 74.69222335
ben_west_monkey_flower#0 74.69222335
willyfox#1178 67.68982741
justina9145#0 44.34850761

Top 10 highest rated contributions

The ten highest rated contributions for this round were the following:

Avg. score To Reason
89.0 cotabe#0 for not only his leadership and stewardness but for the impressive work with FLII. I was just telling somone about how impressive it is to take on and set up Giveth for an entire expo by himself basically…:exploding_head:
77.66666666666667 oyealmond#0 for bringing Lucile to inspire us and for collaborating so smoothly on the Giveth Ambassador program… the pieces are falling into place nicely and the excitement is building. Thank you for putting so much effort into this
73.33333333333333 oyealmond#0 for being such an awesome and invaluable contributor, always supportive. I know I can count on you. Also for awesome last minute repre on twitter space for Gitcoin grant. You are such a rockstar and I love working with you!
73.33333333333333 oyealmond#0 for being stunning at what she does, all the Twitter management, events coordination, comms support, and proactive mindset. I love working with you; you bring value and good vibes to the team.
70.66666666666667 yass.o#0 for working hard this week to ensure our Alpha round grant is heard and known about in ever corner of this big, beautiful planet! <:boost:1026905158317252699> <:GIVpower:1026905095356563567> <:Swag:923632607059648582> <:GIV:923418911511281715> <:logo:809539267248259092> <:NICE:1019312700871938141> <:GIVETH:923641348798693416> <:GIVstream:923427489819263006> <:gardens:923424115925319732>
69.0 cotabe#0 for working really hard to present new GIVeconomy and fundraising initiatives weekly, while still stewarding the calls and taking on FLII head on
69.0 HBesso31🐙#4560 for engaging on the forum and giving such amazing feedback on the sproject page design. Seeing community members spend so much time giving thoughtful feedback gives me a lot of energy to keep pushing to make things better… cause people care :smiley: Improving single project screen - #3 by HBesso31
66.33333333333333 oyealmond#0 for all the amazing twitter work - on-the-fly hosting the twitter space, writing tweets all week for grants, GM, twitter spaces etc - she is putting so much work into making our twitter & event amazing and it shows
66.33333333333333 yass.o#0 for taking on the Fundraising call, Gitcoin Alpha outreach management, multiple grants, router outreach, jumping on calls at all hours of the day/night and still bringing the same lighthearted compasion but stern drive daily
62.0 cotabe#0 for bringing Lucile to inspire us and for collaborating so smoothly on the Giveth Ambassador program… the pieces are falling into place nicely and the excitement is building. Thank you for putting so much effort into this
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Votes are up in the Rewards DAO!

There’s two transactions because the script has a limit of addresses/values that can do at a time: