Giveth Rewards Distribution - Round 18

GIV Rewards Distribution - round-18 - 01/03/23 to 16/03/23

Hello everyone! This is the distribution for round 18 for the Praise rewards. After it’s execution the rewards will be available to claim through the GIVstream .

This period covers praise given between 01 March 2023 and 16 March 2023. We allocated 58000.0 GIV tokens for rewards. Some praise accounts still haven’t been activated so the total amount below will be less than what we set aside to distribute. If you want to learn more about the distribution process visit this forum post for more information.

Out of the total rewards:

  • 90% of the tokens were given as praise rewards :pray:
  • 7% distributed among quantifiers :balance_scale:
  • 3% assigned to Praise Organization :memo:

This data has been reviewed by the Quantifiers and the Reward Board, and will be submitted for distribution to the Rewards DAO

You can check out the full period analysis here . :bar_chart:

The total amount of rewards has been modified according to our Rewards Calculation Method. You can find the calculation for this round here.

This post will be open to the community for review for 48 hours then submitted to the Reward Board for final execution. :heavy_check_mark:

The Rewards Distribution for this round is as follows:

Username Rewards in GIV
divine_comedian 4926.55943
hanners717 3689.845061
whyldwanderer 2656.649573
oyealmond#0 2561.397151
freshelle#0 2198.247293
mateodazab#0 2183.364103
karmaticacid#0 2001.789174
cotabe#0 1736.868376
Jake🐍#0203 1628.221083
griffgreen#0 1583.57151
missing username 1514.96
carlos096#0 1422.833048
mohammad_ranjbar_z#0 1406.461538
nikola_creatrix 1377.947096
_cherik#0 1274.00114
geleeroyale 1275.498213
cuidadopeligro 1169.599933
moenick#0 1064.148148
moeshehab#0 1061.17151
brichis 1053.817463
mosaeedi#0 1004.615385
clarazi 969.2984481
suga 922.3376034
aabugosh#0 806.6689459
ramramez#0 724.811396
Cori#8483 622.1173789
Amin#2164 568.5378917
NicoBals#2154 556.631339
missgene#0 537.2831909
tamarandom#0 1068.613105
yass.o#0 519.4233618
Maryjaf#2478 510.4934473
alireza7612#0 436.0774929
MAYE#1208 529.8415954
Kurt_M#9803 221.7595442
rodricast#0 163.7150997
santibcn#0 163.7150997
Nishant#4318 312.5470085
justina9145#0 241.1076923
giantkin#0 105.6706553
paul2#3057 202.411396
griff#1686 101.205698
BOLTEVM#1348 196.4581197
kristoferkristofer#0 187.5282051
sem(:cherry_blossom:,:honeybee:)#0161 187.5282051
Niran | Panvala#9353 163.7150997
tomo#9038 163.7150997
zeptimusq#0 148.8319088
mZ#3472 139.9019943
dg_guardians#1895 133.9487179
GrandMarquis#9811 101.205698

Top 10 highest rated contributions

The ten highest rated contributions for this round were the following:

Avg. score To Reason
98.66666666666669 cotabe#0 for the incredible work attending the FLII, you don’t know how impressive they were at connecting and explaining Giveth to all attendants. Many great connections on the impact enviornment were made there. Thanks a lot guys
77.66666666666667 divine_comedian#0 for turning on a dime and getting a NFT out instead of a POAP for the GIV impact quests
66.33333333333333 cotabe#0 for reaching 100% strings translated to spanish on the i18n of the dApp!! - they were > 900 lines of information
66.33333333333333 tamarandom#0 for absolutely slaying all of their talks at EthDenver. It was such a joy to see you all on stage and I left feeling truly inspired!
59.333333333333336 hanners717#0 for being giveth booth superstars! Really they did such a great job always around the booth and helping people to find out more about Giveth! amazing commitment from all of them
59.333333333333336 hanners717#0 for being such a wonderful support for me and everyone else in the team especually during ETHDenver, going above an beyond to make sure everything is sorted and organized but above all, a support for all of us when we needed the mood uplift :slight_smile: <3
59.333333333333336 hanners717#0 - the whole team - who rocked ETH Denver 2023 in giving talks, moderating panels, DJing, manning the booth, fundraising talks. You guys are the best!!!
59.333333333333336 Jake🐍#0203 for persistent outreach raising funds for earthquake relief bearing fruits with sizeable donations
59.333333333333336 mateodazab#0 for reaching 100% strings translated to spanish on the i18n of the dApp!! - they were > 900 lines of information
59.333333333333336 karmaticacid#0 for getting up and presenting Giveth’s DAO structure on the “DAO it like you mean it” panel during DAOs @ Denver !

Votes are up in the Rewards DAO!

There’s two transactions because the script has a limit of addresses/values that can do at a time:

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