Giveth Rewards Distribution - Round 23

GIV Rewards Distribution - round-23 - 17/05/23 to 31/05/23

Hello everyone! This is the distribution for round 23 for the Praise rewards. After it’s execution the rewards will be available to claim through the GIVstream .

This period covers praise given between 17 May 2023 and 31 May 2023. We allocated 58000.0 GIV tokens for rewards. Some praise accounts still haven’t been activated so the total amount below will be less than what we set aside to distribute. If you want to learn more about the distribution process visit this forum post for more information.

Out of the total rewards:

  • 90% of the tokens were given as praise rewards :pray:
  • 7% distributed among quantifiers :balance_scale:
  • 3% assigned to Praise Organization :memo:

This data has been reviewed by the Quantifiers and the Reward Board, and will be submitted for distribution to the Rewards DAO

You can check out the full period analysis here . :bar_chart:

The total amount of rewards has been modified according to our Rewards Calculation Method. You can find the calculation for this round here.

This post will be open to the community for review for 48 hours then submitted to the Reward Board for final execution. :heavy_check_mark:

The Rewards Distribution for this round is as follows:

Username Rewards in GIV
freshelle 1296.623325
whyldwanderer#0 1203.932883
NicoBals#2154 1105.197647
karmaticacid#0 939.5772499
cuidadopeligro 974.696575
almondoyealmond 919.3715941
griffgreen#0 844.0270211
moenick#0 726.1817389
Cori#8483 679.9991284
mohammad_ranjbar_z#0 654.5190673
divine_comedian#0 654.5190673
missing username 730.8
Sohobiit#2746 1168.897799
moeshehab#0 511.1937241
geleeroyale#0 504.8237089
mateodazab#0 496.8611898
ramramez#0 480.9361517
aabugosh#0 441.1235563
danibelle_the_uno_and_only 708.0580137
sem(:cherry_blossom:,:honeybee:)#0161 859.9520593
yass.o#0 417.2359991
_cherik#0 412.4584877
nikolacreatrix#0 398.1259534
mosaeedi#0 358.313358
makkiyzy#9575 643.3715406
MAYE#1208 551.0063195
rodricast#0 240.4680758
Tosin#8012 237.2830682
Steffan | SteeTweets#9260 232.5055568
Maryjaf#2478 230.913053
cotabe 224.5430377
cheo0202#3630 449.0860754
ClaraZi#5313 222.9505339
hanners717 252.9452685
alireza7612#0 210.2105034
santibcn#0 195.8779691
missgene#0 184.7304424
toraif 265.9518703
Amin#2164 170.397908
Kurt_M#9803 141.7328394
makkiyzy 146.0976982
mettodo#0 242.0605796
jc_alvarezb#0934 242.0605796
carlosjmelgar#2531 242.0605796
markop#2007 105.1052517
willyfox 175.1754195
Rod Mamin[LunCo.Space, Thailand]#4213 175.1754195
carlos096#0 71.66267161
MatterTurbulent#5161 133.7703203
Ashiq#7385 121.0302898
QUANTUM369#7131 111.4752669
brodhisattva#3152 108.2902593
brichis 49.36761822
giantkin#0 49.36761822
Jake🐍#0203 47.7751144
suanex#7626 92.36522118
dr.suga 44.59010678
surbhiaroraa.eth 70.07016779
Isaac (enti)#1546 50.96012203
MayCas#5503 41.40509915
ValenteCreativo#0889 41.40509915
White Hat DAO#4323 25.48006102
VitorNunes#0090 15.92503813
Rohekbenitez#8753 15.92503813

Top 10 highest rated contributions

The ten highest rated contributions for this round were the following:

Avg. score To Reason
43.666666666666664 yass.o#0 for her seeming unending patience in herding all the cats for the swiss association incorporation meeting
41.0 sem(:cherry_blossom:,:honeybee:)#0161 for making and improving the Giveth AI bots which is going to be an epic suppor ttool for giveth
41.0 NicoBals#2154 for having an excellent buddy review call! It was a valuable opportunity to reflect on and appreciate his outstanding contributions in HR and contributor support. Additionally, I commend him for being receptive to critical feedback and demonstrating a genuine willingness to improve and acknowledge areas for growth. I’m grateful to have such a dedicated and self-aware teammate like Nico by my side!
36.666666666666664 NicoBals#2154 for always being on top of Giveth admin and more!
36.666666666666664 Cori#8483 for taking time during the Comms call to check in on the teams use of ChatGPT and continue the efforts of incorporating more AI tools into the content creation and SEO strategy… essentially increasing our output and productivity as a small team
36.666666666666664 Sohobiit#2746 for getting a project verified for the Giveth AMbassador Program.
34.0 whyldwanderer#0 for helping me every single day w/ an abundance of questions from “how do we verify projects” to “which meme is better” to “does this copy make sense”. she is always there for me to provide sanity checks and I don’t praise her nearly enough!
34.0 Cori#8483 for leading the comms strategy call & putting together a comprehsive notion doc w/ many ideas on how we can improve giveth comms to become more data driven and overall more f
29.666666666666668 freshelle#0 for providing so much support to WG Stewards in the process of formulating WG structure, budget and proposals. Setting up a weekly office hours call to facilitate a smooth reorganization through SubDAOification process.
29.666666666666668 makkiyzy#9575 for getting more active in teh community, taking initiative to reach out for tasks and taking on his first comms issue!

Votes are up in the Rewards DAO!

There’s two transactions because the script has a limit of addresses/values that can do at a time: