Giveth Terms and Conditions

Here is the current Terms & Conditions document as revised from that of The Giving Block.

Personally I feel they are overly legalese and complicated, with excessive redundancy. I’m a little burned out from working on them and could use some fresh perspective. I’d almost rather look for an open-source decentralized software product with cleaner T&C’s to copy at this point. One I pulled up that could serve us better: Terms of Service | Open Source Initiative

In order to adopt these T&Cs we may need to solicit expert advise - especially in the realm of proprietary/trademarked items and open source software - I have no idea how to update those sections properly and my tendency is to be far more open to alternative uses.

Please take a look and add your comments, suggestions, thoughts, recommendations.

There’s also Gitcoin’s Terms & Privacy Policy which could be forked or used for reference.

I hear you on redundancy and excessive complication. I definitely get lost in the weeds reading it. I know @MiA and you put a lot of effort into adapting these so far, so you have the best perspective on what’s good and what’s questionable. Maybe you could set up a call or ask questions to Caeser who helps w TEC legal stuff - I asked him some questions on this before, he was willing to help. I can start a 3way DM if you like.

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Thanks Lauren - yes I just think we may have started from the wrong example and should probably consider cutting the time spent on adapting it and find one more relevant to our own ecosystem.

I’ll jump in to find out if Caesar thinks this stuff is necessary to weed through before scrapping.

Alright I’ve edited pretty heavily and restructured a bit based on other Terms of Use reviewed.

These are the items that are still outstanding:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Cookies Policy
  • Arbitration Jurisdiction Selection
  • Mailing Address for Giveth communications & opt out letters
  • Jurisdiction for Small Claims Court unless we can strike this due to Arbitration

Appreciate your reviews for basic human readability and comprehension, as well as for any errors or discrepancies I may have missed!