Proposal Information

Proposal description:
TOUCH GREEN is all about exploring the potential of DAOs in promoting sustainability, decentralization, governance, Web3 culture and we think Giveth will be a perfect match. We love your commitment to innovation and sustainability, and we think that your support would help us make a huge impact.

TOUCH GREEN is fully managed by COMMIT DAO which is also the publisher of COMMIT, the ultimate web3 culture media. For legal reasons, COMMIT DAO will be supported by COMMIT MEDIA our Luxembourgish based company.

The original idea came from MCON2 last year. I thought it would be definitely great to create a similar event in the heart of Europe.

• What is it: 2 day DAO convention (we are still in the process with the venue)
• When: 7 & 8 September 2023
• Where: Luxembourg Ville :luxembourg:
• Why: I live here. The country is business-friendly, with a lack of events about blockchain, crypto and obviously DAOs, but there’s a huge community and a real interest from institutions. +160 nationalities, free public transportation, 2h from Paris and Bruxelles by train, 1h from Zürich, Geneva, London by plane and 2 hours from Barcelona, Lisbon and Berlin.
• How much: Free for all but, to avoid sybil posers we have implemented a low cost ticketing system. We ask all attendees for a small deposit (except from communities we agreed on a deal with). Attendees pledge a $30 deposit which will be managed by COMMIT DAO. At the end of the event every depositors gets back their money.
• How many attendees? Up to 500 (max)
• What happens if someone pledge and don’t come? COMMIT DAO keep the remaining deposits and a vote will pass on the use of these funds.

Proposal Rationale
At TOUCH GREEN, we’re bringing together blockchain enthusiasts, investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, academics, to explore the intersection of blockchain, sustainability, and DAOs. We’re going to cover a ton of topics, including governance, DAO toolboxes, decentralization, Web3 social apps, cypherpunk, and more. Plus, we’ve got lots of fun stuff planned in the pipe.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):
N/A but we hope to close all sponsorships by the end July.

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

My name is Clément and I’m the founder of COMMIT, a web3 culture media managed by a DAO. With a background in Brand Strategy and Product Innovation, I have been involved in the blockchain industry since 2017, first as an investor and more recently as the founder of COMMIT MEDIA. We manage several blockchain related media outlets like Francecrypto, COMMIT and 3615crypto our homemade web3 native PR agency.

TheBlackSea has been involved in the blockchain industry for 3 years, working on several projects as a leading designer, including StakeDAO or RealT. His expertise in design and UX has been instrumental in the development of COMMIT innovative branding.

Sam is an experienced accountant, with more than 10 years of experience in banking. He is currently involved in APWine Finance, as a community lead and organization manager.

Esteve is quite new to the industry with a strong passion for sustainability and blockchain for goods. With 15 years of experience in telecommunication consultancy , he previously worked for Vodafone and has been involved in various projects including MetaFactory, which has been recognized for its innovative apparels.

Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:
With ten years in the music industry production (gigs from 150 to 1500) and more recently in the blockchain industry I have successfully managed and organized event such as Future of Finance (APWine, Aave, Cometh) in Luxembourg, Future of Gaming in Paris (Cometh, Immortal, Luchadores, Dogami), and side events for clients such as 0VIX and HaloFi (ex-GoodGhosting).

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of GIV requested:
As we are organizing an intimate 2 days convention for the first time our budget is quite low.
We request $5000 DAI/USDC/USDT as a main sponsor.

In the meantime we’ll provide, 1 speaker slot + 1 booth + 1 room for a workshop + usual branding online & offline.
For all Givers we will also provide a “free of charge deposit” meaning that they just need to RSVP on our website.

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:

Category Description Cost
Venue Rental fee for event space + soundsystem 10,500.00 €
Staffing Event planners, security, ushers 8,000.00 €
Opening + after party 10,000.00 €
Marketing Advertising, printing costs for promotional materials 3,000.00 €
Speakers sponsors travel expenses 2,000.00 €
Catering breakfast + beverages 3,000.00 €
Miscellaneous Wi-Fi, insurance, contingencies 2,000.00 €
Total estimated 38,500.00 €

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This is a really cool initiative, but bear market is real and the general vibe is that Giveth is not in a position to sponsor. Thank you for thinking of us though!

We are debating sponsoring ETHBarcelona, where we have a house and a community there… If we sponsor that, it will be the only conference we sponsor this year.

I had a podcast interview with Clément yesterday - maybe you could elaborate more for the crew here what a collab might look like without a financial sponsorship

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As discussed with Mitch, it’s not a “pay-to-speak” convention. I think Giveth’s DAO as a lot to offer besides a sponsorship, and we’ll be eager to have you here for a talk and a workshop on managing a DAO and public goods.

The main purpose of TOUCH GREEN is to bring together DAOers to create a dedicated event and share knowledge, experience and thoughts on the future of DAOs. In this way I think that it would be greatly valuable to have core members of Giveth’s DAO at TOUCH GREEN.