Giveth Trivia Game w/ 1Hive!



Howdy Giveth frens! :wave:

It was a pleasure to attend the community call this week; praise culture is a real treasure. :heart:

Thanks for the space to share a bit about how the trivia game works; we look forward to promoting Giveth and the GIVeconomy in a fun and educational way.

Proposal Information

Proposal description + rationale:
Giveth sponsorship of a 1Hive TV Crypto Trivia game (G3S2).

Proposal Rationale & Details
Fun, learning and shillery of the GIVeconomy and top projects on to an audience of nearly 100 peeps + ~70 active contestants. Please check out this resource that includes an embedded game video and link to a detailed sponsorship 1pgr to learn more. :tv::open_book:

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):
Game 3 of Season 2 will be held on Friday, February 4 at 3pm ET / 8pm UTC
Duration: ~75 mins

  • $1,000 of crypto GIV + HNY to top 20 finishers
  • Custom NFTs for podium winners
  • 1 NFBee for game winner
  • POAP for every contestant

Team Information

Names, usernames, and/or relevant social links for team members :

  • @twells - game host/coordination/video production
  • 1Hive TV team members Miguel (audio) + Richie (video) attend and work on video post production.
  • Giveth spokespeeps! Hoping @karmaticacid + @willy can help : )

Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:
1Hive TV had a lot of fun putting this video together with @Griff @karmaticacid @willy for the GIVeconomy:

Funding Information

Amount of GIV requested: 4550 GIV

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:
See event sponsorship 1pgr for the breakdown.
Note on funding uses:

  • 33% trivia rewards
  • 33% contributor compensation
  • 33% TV project treasury to be staked on the GIVgarden

thanks for the proposal @twells! You’ve got my vote, and I’d be happy to help rep as a spokespeep :purple_heart: :honeybee:


Yes! I am so down to support this. Will be happy to collaborate with some of our comms stars to get a nice list of questions for trivia, and I would love to be there for rep Giveth as a spokesperson.

I think this is great way to get more people interested/excited about the GIVeconomy.

And I love how for the breakdown of funds, it doesn’t sound like much (if any) of the GIV will be immediately swapped. Am I right w this assumption? You’ll be paying contributors for this with GIV?


I support this proposal.

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thanks @willy! looking forward : )

awesome, thanks @karmaticacid !!

just to dig in here a bit more:

  • trivia rewards will be distributed to winners; we can think creatively about how to do this to minimize sell pressue - open to ideas! …how hard would it be to give podium winners a stream of GIV instead of lump sum (or add to an existing one if they have it)?
  • contributors will be compensated in GIV but they all understand how the GIVeconomy works so I hope they will decide to stake : )
  • treasury component is staked automatically
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thank you @markop! :pray:

it would be so cool to give them a stream!!!

I wonder if that makes any sense to do though. I think we’d need to allocate from the rDAO, so it becomes another kind of thing… the tokens wouldn’t be coming from the GIVgarden, I don’t think it would be possible. Maybe we could allocate the tokens from the GIVgarden to the recipient addres… send those to the rDAO and then allocate a stream of the same amount after the fact to winners?

@amin what do you think? @Griff ? How do we feel about allocating a GIVstream to winners of 1Hive Trivia?

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So excited for this!!

I am definitely in support of this proposal.
Thanks for taking the time to go over it with us in the Community Call.


thanks @WhyldWanderer ! my pleasure : )

Any DAO agent which has distributor role can do it. @mitch is master of agents here :slight_smile:

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Hey @twells ! So it is possible to make a GIVstream for winners but since the amount streamed over 5 years for each winner will be pretty small we think it would be nicer to just give them liquid tokens. This has been on here long enough for advice proces… I think we should put it up on the GIVgarden!

Do you want to make the proposal, or shall I? The proposal deposit is 5000 GIV


Proposal is up on Gardens!
Looking forward to some fun on Feb 4 : ) :rocket: :honeybee:

note: total GIV has been updated to account for recent price action.

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I just want to say the trivia event with 1hive and Gitcoin was a success and definitely brought the 2 communities closer, which is on-going project. I totally support a Giveth round and will help tweet support and hype up the event.


Yeah!! I’m stoked about this!! Thanks for the support David! <3 The event will be Feb 4! You can see it on the Giveth calendar.


thanks @blazingthirdeye! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: it was a blast cohosting with you ser

Update: we are gtg for trivia next Fri 2/4 :rocket:
Thank you to everyone who supported on Gardens! :heart: :honeybee:


Howdy frens,
It was great to connect with many of you last week in Denver! :heart:
Here is the finished Giveth trivia game video; we had a blast educating peeps about Giveth and will continue to shill the GIVeconomy on our weekly stream : )


Thank you so much @twells - you are a hero!! thanks for letting people know about us, and please reach out any time you have any questions or other ideas! We’re super down to support.