Giveth Work Agreement for Contributors

Hello everyone! As discussed during our last Governance call on August 8, 2022, we are posting this proposal in here for everyone’s comments and suggestions.

As we continue to further develop our processes, we’d like to propose some added clauses to our current Work Agreement.

Proposal Rationale

  • To give clear and more established boundaries on the current Work Agreement with Giveth and its contributors.

  • To emphasize the Independent Contractor Status of all the contributors in their working relationship with Giveth.

  • To remind all contributors that Giveth is not responsible for the contributor’s taxes.

  • To put into writing that the paid time offs are only available to FULL-TIME Contributors.

We have also included other clauses in the work agreement such as the Intellectual Property, Confidentiality, Injunctions and/or damages, Governing Law and Dispute Resolution, and Insurance clauses.

You can check the work agreement template link here with the proposed addition. We would appreciate your comments and feedback on this. If you’d like to add clauses, feel free to do so.

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