Giveth x DAOVOS

Proposal Information

Proposal description:

The DAOVOS collective is a DAO of DAOs, on a mission to bring positive change to society and our environment by surfacing and amplifying the most suitable and impactful voices and ideas in the web3 space.

We will host a 2-day event coinciding with the World Economic Forum, which takes place in Davos, Switzerland every year, with an aim to bring awareness to those in attendance, and allow for already existing DAO ecosystems to congregate and bring together ideas to continue to move the space forward.

You can take a look at our general overview online at []

Proposal Rationale

Considering Giveth will be a household name when it comes to the nonprofit sector, and its founder being a pioneer in decentralized autonomous organizations, we believe it is the perfect DAO to take part in the conversation of how we support those outside of blockchain native ecosystems. We also believe Giveth would be able to provide a lot of insight in supporting DAOs to become more regenerative.

We have many topics that would be quite interesting and exciting for giveth members to participate in, including, but not limited to:

  • Financial Systems,
  • Sustainable Living and Ecosystem,
  • Health, Wellness and Longevity.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):

This event will take place in January 16-17 with the possibility of a secondary event in the summer with date to be determined.

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

Names, usernames, and/or relevant social links for team members (Twitter, Github, Giveth Forum, etc.):





Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:

What are some of your skills or related experience that might help inform GIV holders about your ability to execute on your proposal

Estefania has been working full time in blockchain for almost 2 years, focused on developer programs, building ecosystems, and creating experiences virtually and in person. Additionally she has a decade of experience managing teams and running events, projects, and programs, prior to joining web3.

Isla​ is the co-founder of FTW DAO, a social and venture DAO ecosystem with the goal of funding diverse founders globally. She’s passionate about innovating on financial models and systems, and takes an interest in organisation design, mental health, future of work, in particular web3 models for impact. Isla is also an OG at Bankless DAO and Fight Club VC, and on the multi-sig for the Expansion Punks DAO.

Daniel has a background in software engineering and has experience in web2 and web3 startups in the DeFi, ReFi and DeSci space as well as big4 companies building regulatory software used at 80% of Swiss private banks, and has been working in the crypto space since 2017.

Esteve is an advisor to W3st DAO, member of FTW DAO. Esteve is an experienced project manager and was part of the organising team of NFT Berlin. He believes web3 has the potential to improve humankind current challenges massively onboarding non-web3 native and cross-relating physical and digital realities.

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of GIV requested:

$10,000 or $15,000 USD equivalent to have giveth join as a founding organization. In exchange Giveth will receive a token to become a part of DAOVOS upcoming and future events.

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:


More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:

You can take a look at our detailed budget below:
[DAOVOS Budget - Google Tabellen]

The funds will be used to pay the membership contribution to DAOVOS, granting Giveth lifetime access as a founding member.
(additionally we would like to use giveth’s platform for future events to raise, and promote other projects to do the same to support the giveth economy)
The venue, catering, sound technology, livestream, scholarships, DAO contributors, and other costs outlined in the budget below


Hey @huglif3 Thank you for your post!
Love the strategy of creating a DAO event within the World Economic Forum! Is very punk rock :fire: Also I believe is a great strategy as it will get a lot of eyes on DAOVOs.

I believe rn a sponsorship is hard, @mitch will no best. Either way I believe Giveth presence would add a lot of value as one of the most establish daos in the Space. I will encourage both teams to work on a mkt/comms partnership to be part of DAOVOS in some way cc @JakeS

And best case scenario someone(s) could go and give a presentation!
Maybe will be smarter to contemplate the team that’s already in Europe.


Thanks for the post indeed and for reaching out to Giveth.

I too agree with Almond and def not the best time for Giveth to be shilling out USD but always open to jumping on a call and hearing the full thing out. Plus I’d love to bring @Cotabe into the convo too.


Thank you @OyeAlmond and @JakeS for providing thoughtful feedback. I love that you say it is punk rock… I would agree, which is a big inspiration of why we think DAOs need to have a voice while the greatest economic world leaders gather.

We understand that everyone’s budgets are being cut as the bear market persists, but we would like to discuss a broader partnership/membership opportunity that would be a win win for all of us. One idea that was mentioned briefly in the proposal is the concept of encouraging the use of the giving pools that giveth currently hosts, and making use of the giveth economic system to ensure funds aren’t just being taken out but also redistributed within the ecosystem.

Regarding talks – yes we would love to discuss who would be able to attend and represent giveth. The dream your be to have @Griff, @karmaticacid, @OyeAlmond, and @mitch! But also understand that ya’ll are probably further from Europe. We would love to schedule a call with our team and yours to expand on the topic further. We have created a calendly voting link to find the time that suits everyone best here [Calendly - Isla Munro-Hochmayr]

Looking forward to getting to know the giveth team further, and begin this partnership :slight_smile:


Hi @OyeAlmond and @JakeS appreciate your positive input on the proposal.

Indeed we’d love to talk more. :slightly_smiling_face: I think it’s important to highlight that we’re not asking for a one-off sponsorship, but creating a membership organisation aka DAO of DAOs and would love to have Giveth as a founding DAO and long-term partner in our community.

I also want to share an additional perspective. The bear market is tough for everyone, but it’s also a time where the hardcore buidlers, who believe in this community long-term are trying to get things done for the good of the ecosystem. The media needs more positive stories about web3 and DAOs and bringing the DAO voice to Davos, could really help with that.

We’ve also just published a proposal in our community Telegram to highlight a number of challenges we’re facing with our ‘punk rock’ approach, :face_with_peeking_eye:your input there would be very welcome too.


Thanks again for the response @huglif3 and @ftwisla. We were able to have our comms call today and we had some quick follow up questions, if you could kindly provide some more details, as you already have :slight_smile:

1.) We saw some of the DAOs listed for the event and we were wondering about the attendees outside of DAOs, will there be non-web3 invitations? Like traditional economic / financial profiles?
2.) Could you kindly share with us how many attendees are expected, as well as tickets already sold?

Basically, we are trying to get a complete and full understanding of the event, so we can provide the best partnership possible. Thanks!

Hello Jake!

Thank you so much for taking the time to get back to us. Since we last spoke, there have been some things have risen. We have outlined updates here and welcome the community to answer the questions to pursue the DAOVOS event:

We are also hosting a community call tomorrow at 11 am Central time here:

We would love it if you joined.


  • We are pushing the official event back, considering having an intimate meet-up during the original dates to map out a more fruitful forum for a future date.

  • We are considering pursuing legal action to keep our name and use it as a form of marketing/publicity to bring more attention to DAOVOS and the need to fight back against institutional powers

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Thanks @huglif3 for the response and after reading the updates, sorry to hear about the stonewalling and BS around all that. Ugh… :angry:

With regard to the community call, I would love to but unfortunately, I have plans at 10pm (my local time) today but please keep me posted or post a link to the decisions that will be made by the community, as Giveth is still very interested in how you move forward and how we can move forward, hopefully, together.

Hey @huglif3 hope you had a great couple of days since we last exchanged posts. Curious, how did the community call go? Any updates or posts I could read? Thanks!

Hey @huglif3 hope you had a great Christmas, happy holidays and upcoming New Years.

Since it has been a couple weeks, any sort of updates would be greatly appreciated and if you prefer to chat via a twitter dm, if easier, my handle is @givjake Thanks!