Giveth x Popcorn Partnership

TLDR: *Popcorn believes that a Giveth x Popcorn partnership could be positively impactful to both projects, and share the Partnership agreements for input from the Giveth team and community.

Popcorn is a new kind of DeFi project: we create easily-accessible DeFi products that create grants (in the form of fees) that directly support social and environmental impact. Our beneficiary grants (pulled from yield fees) go to nonprofits, charities, and grassroots organisations working in 1. environmental health, 2. education, 3. open source, and/or 4. inequality.

More broadly, though, we see ourselves as playing an important role: a bridge between the social impact sector and the web3 space, introducing the social impact sector to not only the tech benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but the social systems around it, such as decentralisation and community-directed initiatives.

You can read our White Paper here.

Last autumn, Anna-Marie (lead on web3 partnerships) and Anthony (founder and Director of Tech) from Popcorn spoke with Giveth founder Griff held a couple of meetings exploring a potential partnership between Giveth and Popcorn. We felt that there are many synergies in our missions, goals, and values, and shared that we felt a partnership could help both projects achieve their purposes.

Popcorn's Purpose

As you’ll see below, there are numerous practical and impactful ways that Popcorn and Giveth can support each other.

  1. Popcorn will promote Giveth as an on-ramping possibility for social impact projects in our educational materials and beyond. Giveth will promote Popcorn as a DeFi project that makes real-world social impact.
  2. When projects nominated by the Popcorn community as a beneficiary do not receive the community votes to receive a grant, Popcorn will inform the Popcorn community about Giveth as an alternative option and support the Popcorn community to share this information with the beneficiaries they have nominated.
  3. Popcorn and Giveth will explore uniting our beneficiary verification processes, and build a shared database of verified projects.
  4. Popcorn and Giveth will work together to produce educational material about the potential of web3-based tools and technologies to give positive impact projects new fundraising options and access to new audiences.
  5. Popcorn and Giveth will explore the potential of each other’s project’s tokens to be incorporated in each other’s products. For example, Popcorn will suggest to the Popcorn community that GIV be included in at least one of their products, such as a Social Impact Index (may be named something else).
  6. Edit (31st Jan) Popcorn will propose to the Giveth community and have it go through Advice Process that Giveth invest treasury funds in Popcorn products, to bring yield back to the Giveth treasury.
  7. Both parties will share open source code or advances that could help our projects advance. Edit (26th Jan): Adding to this: Explorations to increase transparency of Popcorn beneficiary organisations with tools like TRACE or to measure/publish their impact (e.g. Giveth updates).
  8. Both parties will add each other’s logos on our respective Partnerships website page.
  9. Popcorn will become a donor to verified projects on Giveth, so we can utilise Giveth as one of Popcorn’s tools to onramp Popcorn beneficiaries that aren’t currently set up to receive crypto currency, and the Popcorn treasury can receive GIV.
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Hey Anna Marie! Thanks for posting this! I asked some team members to have a look and leave any comments.

One thing that did some up is wrt #6

I think it would be more appropriate for this proposal to come from Popcorn once the opportunities are clearer, and this same thought was reflected in our governance call by others on the team.

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Thanks @karmaticacid I think that was stated like that because at the time Griff was leading on the Giveth side on this potential partnership and therefore Griff would be suggesting it to the rest of the Giveth community, but if the overall view is that would work best, happy to follow your lead.


Makes sense! I think that when the time comes and all the details are there, it’ll make sense for Popcorn to make a forum proposal and have it go through advice process (like this!), but I totally understand why it was worded like that originally. Thanks!