Givether PAN Payouts 29May-25June

Hannah and I have put forth initial calculations for the June PAN Payout.

There are a few issues that we may need to vote on that will be discussed in the Community Call 7/18 and GIVernance Call 7/19 to get the numbers straight.

First step is to review the percentages in Column E of the May 29 - June 25 tab, and suggest any adjustments needed to the percentages calculated by SourceCred and reg reward algorhythms…

Please comment below if you would like to suggest changes, we can hack through it to finalize in the call on Monday 7/19!

Thanks for putting this together Dani and Hannah!!

I was looking at the cred page and it seems they have updated the UI. There used to be a place where you could see which actions held what weight but I cant seem to find it anymore. Is this something that is no longer available to us? It was helpful when trying to form a picture of the source cred percentages.

In my exploration, I found that the list of active SourceCred members seems to be outdated. Some people are marked as inactive that maybe should be active since they are now active contributers and providing value to the Giveth community and development efforts. Maybe they have multiple accounts and thats why these are inactive? Im not sure but here are a few of the members that are marked inactive that maybe we want to consider activating moving forward:

I also found some members that are marked active that I dont personally know or maybe they have been less active in the time that Ive been here. Im not sure if this affects the source cred allocation or not but maybe we consider deactivating these members until a point where they come back and start contributing more. Here are a few that I found that Im unsure of their status… I think there are more but I just pasted a few that jumped out at me.

My questions:

What is the policy for activating members on SourceCred?

  • How long must someone be actively contributing before they start accrueing SourceCred?
  • What accounts are tracked by SourceCred? (Discord, Github, Forum?)
  • Do we have all relevant accounts connected for each eligible/current contributor?
  • Is praise already included in the calculation? If not, how do we go about implementing our praise system into this ‘score’?
  • Just to clarify, each eligible contributor will need to create an unlimited payment TRACE under the Giveth-2 campaign on TRACE where they will receive their PAN payouts based on SourceCred ‘score’?

Where do I find which actions are worth what percentage of weight within SourceCred?

Who on our team is taking charge to make sure that this stays up to date with the current contributors on our team and those who join us?

Id love to maybe discuss some of this during the Governance Call tomorrow if there is space. <3


I was able to talk to the support team at SourceCred and they walked me through the steps to run our instance locally where I can visualize the current weight configuration.

Here is how we currently have the settings:

Im not sure if the new Discourse Forum has been linked yet but this is helpful to see the bigger picture of what is taken into account for cred accrual.

I also created a notion document with this information so that it easily accessible in the future: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.