GIVGarden: Metamask defaults to high gas fee when wrapping GIV

Hi all,
when I just wrapped my GIV on GIVgarden, Metamask’s suggested an extremely high gas fee given we’re on xDai (I think 1 xDai in total) for wrapping GIV. I changed it manually and it worked fine, but I wonder whether there’s a straightforward way to change the default values for everyone?
The transaction for approving GIV came with a reasonable suggestion for gas.


Edit: When I went through the same process with another wallet, the suggested gas fees were reasonably and I couldn’t replicate the issue above. Not sure why, but will just leave this post here in case anyone else has the same experience.


Thx Theo!!

We fixed it probably right after you made the post :smiley:


That explains it! :100: Absolutely amazing job designing the DApp BTW, love it!

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