GIVpower - How project ranking should affect GIVbacks

Hey everyone!

The purpose of this forum post is to outline a proposal for how a project’s GIVpower ranking should affect the amount of GIVbacks their donor sget.


As you likely know, we sucessfully launched GIVpower staking & locking and we’re well on on way towards launching GIVpower boosting.

Our previous GIVpower forum post gives all the context on what is GIVpower & how it works, so if you’re not in the loop, check that one our first.

With GIVpower, GIV holders can stake and lock their GIV to earn a yield & get GIVpower. They can boost their favourite projects with that GIVpower to improve the projects’ rankings. Future donors to higher-ranked projects on Giveth will get a greater % of GIV back from GIVbacks.

With our current GIVbacks program, donors to verified projects on the platform get “up to 75%” of the value of their donation “back” in GIV, streamed over time. This 75% number is called the “max GIVbacks factor”. We have allocated 1 million GIV to go out during every 2-week GIVbacks round. If 75% of the value of donations during that round exceeds the value of 1 million GIV, the amount of GIvbacks each donor gets is proportionally less.

When we launch GIVpower boosting, this “max GIVbacks factor” will change for projects dependent on their rank.


@mitch @griff & I collaborated on the following propsal. Our goals were:

  • To reward donors to the highest ranked projects even more than they would w/ our current “up to 75% back” max GIVbacks factor condition
  • To encourage projects & GIVpower uses to play the game, no matter where they are in the ranking, because there are increased benefits at every increment.

We created this spreadsheet with our recommendations. Some details:

  • The highest possible (max) GIVbacks factor is 80%, this is given to project that is ranked #1
  • The lowest possible (max) GIVbacks factor is 50%, any project that has no GIVpower behind it, gets this lowest max factor
  • Any other project who has GIVpower behind it will get a unique max GIVbacks factor that is somewhere in between 80% & 50%, based on their rank.
  • The difference between the max GIVbacks factors of two projects of subsequent rank will be the same, no matter how high up they are in the ranking (i.e. the GIVbacks factors follow a linear progression)

We think this is a “safe enough to try” option for how GIVpower should affect GIVbacks because it creates an element of competition around GIVbacks using GIVpower. Boosting projects with GIVpower can actually have significant impact on the incentives given to the project’s future donors. Also, even small boosts count!

With this change, we will be replacing the simple 75% max factor, so this will create an impact on our current projects and donor base. It will be very important to communicate to our users, and hopefully this change encourgaes GIV holders & projects to get more involved & use their GIV to make an impact!

Do you agree with this proposal to change the max GIVbacks factor based on GIVpower ranking?

  • Yes!
  • No, I have feedback & will comment below.

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Thank you for the detailed explanation

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Great explanation! Thx Lauren!

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The Snapshot vote is LIVE - please vote on-chain

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This proposal has PASSED in Snapshot - we will be going forward with the plan outlined above!


I’m concerned that this may have an effect of disproportional advantage to early adopters and not necessarily the best projects.

I think that it’s OK to have the ranking determined by GIVpower for now, as long as, in the future there are other variables that affect it.

However, I believe a fairer way to distribute GIVpower would be escalonated percentages. For example…

0 - GIVpower - 50%
0 - 1000 GIVpower - 55%
1000 - 10000 GIVpower - 60%
10000 - 100000 GIVpower - 65%
100000 - 1000000 GIVpower - 70%
1000000 - 10000000 GIVpower - 75%

10000000 GIVpower - 80%

How does that not favour early adopters? When GIV is cheap getting those thresholds would be incredibly easy. When the GIVeconomy matures getting 100000 GIVpower might not be so easy…

This also removes the teeth from any ranking metric applied curently if we just give out flat rewards tiers not based on ranking - ranking would be essentially worthless.


Ranking will be affected by more than just GIVpower in the future, just the first thing will be GIVpower. Next will be the PFP collection. After that, there will be more factors… @rainer made this forum post about it previous and I’ve heard that a team will be revisting the ranking discussion in the near future.

GIVpower leading to the rank that affects GIVbacks is actually the whole purpose of GIVpower at-launch. Later… the rank will also affect how matching funds are distributed. The purpose of having the GIVbacks factor change incrementally for every project is to make it so that, no matter how much GIVpower you have… you can always make a little impact.

Anyway, this vote passed with overwhelming support, so I think that - barring any huge issues or problems - we should move forward w/ that implementation and revist after-launch when we have some hard data & user feedback. There was lots of time for advice process on this already, and I would like to keep moving.

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I just wanted to voice out my feeling about it. Not that I would oppose it, because I do consider GIVpower a huge milestone on Giveth’s roadmap.

Thanks for the thoughtful and detailed response @karmaticacid. It calms my concerns about it :slight_smile:

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