GIVpower launch video - request for funds

Proposal Information

Proposal description:

This proposal is a request for funding to create a GIVpower boosting launch video with the support of @graymachine!

Proposal Rationale

GIVpower is a HUGE milstone on the GIveth roadmap. You can read all about it in this forum post.

When we launched the GIVeconomy, it was accompanied by this awesome video that really helped to build hype around the launch.

@graymachine already has a lot of the design elements from our dApp & from the GIVeconomy so creating a similar, punchy video to support the launch of GIVpower would be a faster, simpler undertaking and I think would really help amplify our comms around this important product launch.

GIVpower makes it possible to support projects while earning. It’s a win-win scenario for GIV holder and projects that creates demand for GIV (by this added utility) and pulls nonprofits deeper into the space of using (or wanting to use) blockchain tooling in exciting ways to generate support for their public goods work.

A video would help get us exposure aroud this launch. It can be easily shared accross social media & with individuals. It will explain GIVpower in 1 min or less and get peope excited to dive in.

Expected duration or delivery date
Expecting to launch GIVpower end of Nov (to early Dec). Video creation would take about 2 weeks from start time - so we plan to start now! I will be submitting the request to the GIVgarden shortly after posting this proposal (expediting advice process) because the work needs to begin asap to have this ready for launch.

Team Information

I’ll be acting as producer on this video, and @graymachine will be doing the animations! I’ll be prepping the script with advice process, and plan to as feedback from aweomse giveth contributors like @griff @mitch @WhyldWanderer @cori @OyeAlmond (not limited to those people).

Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:

We made the above video together last Christmas and I am confident that we can do a great job on this one.

Funding Information

Amount of GIV requested:
$1000 (USD value) in GIV (edited from $1200)

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:
I’m a paid fulltime giveth contributor, so am not requesting any funds for my own contributions. Funding request is to pay the amazing @graymachine for his animation wizardry.


If you like this proposal, please consider supporting it by voting in the GIVgarden.


I think graymachine did a great job on the last one… it was really nice to have that resource and it helped get people pumped about the economy launch so Im confident that this one will be successful in creating some hype as well!

I see that this proposal has been expedited as we are trying to get GIVpower boosting launched asap. I’m curious how long it will take to create the video? Will there be enough time before we launch? I don’t think we should postpone the launch of GIVpower in favor of the video.

Is there a breakdown of the costs available? 1,200 seems like a lot for a video that is less than 1 min long.

Those are my only 2 concerns… other than that, I’m completely on board with this proposal and would love to have a punchy video to promote the power!


Totally. Well, we estimated that it would take about 2 weeks to create. It will take that long anyway to get GIVpower ready for launch from a dev & comms perspective. I wouldn’t want to postpone launch for the video either… I think the ability to get them all out depends on my ability to keep on top of everything and I will definitely try to make it all happen seamlessly. @graymachine is an amazing support, and he understood the limited time as well.

Maybe @graymachine can share a little more about the cost breakdown as well.

Ok I discussed the breakdown with @graymachine. A typical motion design contractor is somewhere around $500 a day. The last video took an estimated 7 days of work, so would have cost about $3500.

He gave us a friends of Giveth rate last time, and, after further discussion, is willing to do so again this time around. I took down the proposal & reposted it with a budget of $1000 in GIV.

I edited the proposal above (and the link) to reflect that change (now requesting 41,149 GIV which is $1000 at today’s rate),


This proposal has gone through in the Gardens & I’ve started working on the scipt! You will all see the video when it’s done :smiley:

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In case you didn’t see it yet, this epic piece of art is DONE