Governance Circle Mission and Goals

Governance Circle - Token holders

Mission Statement
We are progressively decentralizing the Giveth decision-making process by building a community and a token-based economy around our platform that recognizes contributions, values participation, and rewards altruism.

  • Goal #1: Demonstrate Fiscal Accountability
    Meet the resource needs of the Giveth community, platform, and economy for delivering on all Circle Goals by responsibly provisioning funds and skills toward team structure, conflict resolution, administration, financial transparency, organization of team gatherings and quality assurance.

  • Goal #2: Innovate Internal Governance
    Experiment with and document decentralized governance systems within the Giveth DAO structure (e.g. Sociocracy, RewardDAO, Conviction Voting, SourceCred etc.) that could prove useful for future Decentralized Altruistic Organizations to learn from and implement their own versions.

  • Goal #3: Collaborate with the Ethereum Ecosystem
    Develop strong and healthy relationships that generate mutual benefit and success in common vision by networking the Giveth Community through participating and partnering with various organizations such as: Commons Stack, TEC, DAppNode, BrightID, 1Hive, GitCoin and MetaGame.

  • Goal #4: Create Regenerative Value
    Nurture and grow the Giveth Token Economy (GIVeconomy) by empowering individuals toward inclusive decentralized decision making with outcomes that have real impact on the organization and positive change in the world when cascaded through our listed projects.

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This looks great; however, I advise not including GIVeconomy stuff until we launch our comms around it.

With our transparent meetings, notes, and Discord channels I don’t see how to exclude the Economy but… I have swapped the position of Goals 1 and 4, so that the Economy is last and can be hidden if that is indeed the consensus.

I personally think we have to include it, because the Mission and Goals, aligned to the Vision, are what are used to define the Communications.