Hack and win money for Giveth, GM and yourself!

Giveth (and GM) often put people in positions where they get fun crypto money by doing things we tell them to do that are done during their work hours (e.g. the GLM vote and airdrop, Optimism Airdrops) and Giveth has no benefit, despite putting people in a position to get that income and paying for their work.

This is great! It is a side benefit of working at Giveth. But at the same time, it is bear market and we need to get creative and WORK TOGETHER AS A TEAM to find income streams for Giveth. I think trying to collect parts of people’s airdrops and stuff is too much… but there is an opportunity in this concept… many corporations would take 100% of all this type of money, as their sole function is to make money. Giveth is not only out to get money, but at the same time, we need business models to pay the bills, otherwise we all lose our jobs and Giveth dies. :-/

During Devconnect, there is a hackathon where they are giving $600k to teams. We can participate in that hackathon as individuals and win money for Giveth (or GM if you work for them)!!

For participants in the Hackathon, the reasoning to share with Giveth is WAY more overt than most airdrops and other things, we are subsidizing transportation to turkey and paying for lodging during devconnect… Since we are paying you to be there, we can work together that week and hack together, and its only fair to share.

I would propose that Hackathon participants give 33% of any winnings to Giveth or GM (depending on who your contract is with). I would say anyone can opt-out of this by paying their own way (no reimbursements for flights, visas, and give us $35 a night for any day after the 11th that you stay in our hotel.) And also along with this, people who are staying the week of Devconnect should really try to hack. I think it is going to be fun and it is a great way for GM and Giveth to try to subsidize this event.

I think we need to remember, we work for Giveth & GM and we need to work together to fund our projects

I want to say its not enforced… I would also propose a clear opt out policy:

Pay for your second week of housing (about $225-$250) and your return plane tickets leaving turkey and you can opt out of the 33%.

But really I hope to use this as a rallying call to get everyone to hack!

Should all hackathon participants that don’t opt out have to give at least 33% of their winnings to ?

  • Yes, in fact they should give more
  • Yes, 33% is the right number
  • No, they should give less
  • No, they should give nothing
  • I’m not sure

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Does the opt out policy apply to everyone and not just hackathon participants? Or is this applicable for hackathon participants only?


I voted yes. Just putting out my rationale - its an official trip (because its funded by Giveth) and while being there we will be paid salary so participating and representing Giveth can be considered work (if not everyone feels enthu about it) and because of things mentioned above it feels more than fair that if we win - we give atleast 33% of our winnings to Giveth/GM.

I think this should be voluntary. Opting-in, as well as setting the percentage.

But I also think we should only subsidize the staying cost of our people.

Have to add that I registered for this half a year ago, asked all the devs who live nearby to come and hack with me. We were looking at AirBnBs in July. Good thing we did not book one =)

EDIT: To give some perspective. Of course we can get lucky, or be really good and on the point. But I joined about 4 hackathons so far and only won something at one of them. It was the one where we tried the strategy of just doing something that will fit as many sponsors as possible - we also visited them often for questions. At our presentation, both judges were saying they want to talk to us after - they never came :sob: