Hey y'all our rGiv DAO is really powerful :-D Let's collect info on it here!

Background on rGiv’s role in the Economy

The rGIV DAO is our decentralization backstop. This would be one of many distributions it is in charge of dishing out.

The final distribution is still being actively tweaked but I expect the rGiv DAO will have 9% of the tokens for funding Trace, Giveth.io, Comms and other core functions, it will also control a lot of future distributions:

The Following are Estimates, not final yet!

Bucket % of total supply
rGiv DAO treasury 9.00%
GIVBacks 13.00%
Initial Source Cred funding 4.00%
Later Mining 6.25%
Future Contributors 4.00%
Multichain Trace 1.00%
Donate to Causes 2.00%
Project Curation 2.00%
Interest buy back project 2.00%
MicroEconomy Project 2.00%

I just proposed that we add a portion of Current Contributor’s distribution to the list…

We will really need to practice governance on moving these streams and such! I will work with Donna on that… and I think we will probably want to upgrade or potentially redeploy rGiv before launch so that we can use some new tools for the DAO… we need an Agent and might need other tools too…


We should probably have a blog post about rGiv… it’s a super cool reputation DAO! The issuance model is very fun and novel!


New Rinkeby test-rGIV DAO deployed here

If you want to learn how to use it… check this out:


I have experience adding the Agent and other tools, they’re coooool.

Also, when you mean redeploy it would be on mainnet? Maybe we could jump in the Aragon Govern beta for that purpose Aragon Govern - Optimistic Governance for DAOs

No plans to go to mainnet, we would want to stay on xDai… I think there is a 10% chance we would need to redeploy… only if we want to change a few complicated things… but we need to add the agent for sure.

Hey @mitch I learned something the other day from Griff that you and I were discussing before (but were actually a little wrong about)… Putting it here so that more people can learn too.

From my current understanding, there won’t be much crossover between rGIV and the GIVgarden. rGIV will be used by our core people in the initial stages of the GIVeconomy for governance/decision making. In the future, we might move completely over to using the Garden for governance, but not initially.

The rGIV DAO holding GIV can’t really be used to prevent malicious proposals from going through in the Garden, but we could theoretically use this GIV to ensure that proposals we need to have passed get passed. But yeah, like we said, there’s no “no” voting in the garden.



Ok^^^ That is a version that Sem deployed for us, it should work with frame :smiley:



The Governance of rGIV is also being discussed here: Vesting Params for the Current Contributors - #3 by karmaticacid

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