HNY-GIV Pool data is not available

last year I invested about $1000 into GIV / HNY pool. I logged in today and I can’t see the pool data. Please help!

Hey there! The GIV/HNY pool ended about 8 months ago so there are no longer rewards coming from the farm.

Don’t worry though, you can still access and withdraw your LP from the GIVfarm page - you just need to view the archived pools (Make sure you’re connected to Gnosis Chain).

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I just checked. I have 2493 Giv staked and 621 GIV unstaked.This adds up to about $42. My original investment was $1000.

yup, what can I say that’s crypto - If you had $1000 in GIV/HNY last year at the tail end of the bull run you can see both of those tokens have had dramatic price drops in their value.

I’m not sure what else to tell you here…

If you want to learn more about how LP tokens work and important risk factors like impermanent loss I can recommend this article -

You also have 61.37 LP that you should be able to unstake