How the reward system works?

Hello everyone

I am excited to be part of this community and to learn more about the rewards system.

I saw that there are several ways to get prizes; such as participating in conversations to offering insightful feedback and original ideas.
Could someone please provide more details on how the reward system works?

I appreciate your efforts

Sorry, the reward system isnt normal.

We have a praise system. So one person can Praise another for doing an action.
Like working on code, fixing/updating website , so you could get praise for giving out great ideas or helping … (tweeting? things maybe ?)
but someone else would have to notice you, praise you and then the following month the Praise team has to quantify it as valid.

Best reward setup we have here, is Donate to various projects. if they are Verified, there is GIVBacks. which you can get giv back to your wallet.
its pretty amazing.

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Ok thanks for sharing the updated information :slightly_smiling_face:

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