How to export GIV tokens?

Hello everyone,

Way Home Odessa would first want to thank every donor to our cause we posted here URGENT UKRAINE CRISIS RELIEF by Odessa Way Home NGO | Giveth.

I see 36 GIV, and we are somewhat familiar with how to work with Ethereum wallet, but are confused to how we can use donated funds into Bitcoin or Ethereum which then we can buy supplies with.

We have submited verification request to the best of our abilitieis (office is currently unreachable). Does this convert the GIV to digital currency we can utilize?

Thank you :heart: Хай живе вільна Україна!


No you have to convert the GIV to ETH using various Decentralized Exchanges and Bridges. I would wait until you have raised at least $1500 to work on this.

Maybe we can have an Off-ramping workshop or something for projects! That would be fun!


Investigate using when the time comes. is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Ukraine, accepting the fiat currency Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH).

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Thank you for this, but does it mean the minimum amount to convert is 1,500$? Please would like to know better cause we are are having less than 500$ and we don’t even know the way to go about the conversion process. Could you please help with more explanation. Thank you

You can convert smaller amounts, but you will have to pay “gas” in order to do so, and with so little GIV (less than $1500 worth), it might not yet be worth the fees.

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Then, I think someone who knows how to do that needs to help me out. ( I mean, I don’t understand how to go about the whole process of converting the GIV)