Introducing open roadmap and open backlog prioritization

Hey All :slight_smile:

Following the community request to engage all in the product and to organize more PMs to hold a flag to create new product lines, we suggest some improvements.

Open Road-Map

link: Zenhub | Productivity Management for Software Teams
You need be registered in zenhub to view the roadmap.

You can see what’s happening now on the product roadmap and which features are on their way.

Where do they come from to this board?

They come from a roadmap repo
All issues on the road-map repo, can be included in the suggested roadmap, They preferably should be Epics.

How to suggest features be on this board?
You can easily add Epics to this board here.

You can suggest a feature with a User Story Template or a blank Issue.

you can provide specs and try to provide more information to make it clear, a reason what the value for the DAO is the most important part of suggesting a feature.

How to get it prioritized?
Simply by Giveth Roadmap TokenLog
you need to have GIV or stakedGIV (gGIV) on Gnosis to vote for a feature.
Unfortunately in this version, we can have multiple chains, but in V2 of token-log we’re going to add mainnet so you have more voting power.

You can advertise the features you want to suggest to others to have more engagement on the product roadmap. We suggest you create a forum post before adding an Epic to the board.

How to suggest an implementation time?

I think if anyone interested can own the Epic, provide more details and try to plan by coordinating to dev teams, then they can simply provide dates on the Epic:

Please have the ZenHub extension installed on your browser to see the details.

Now the epic will appear in the timeline.

So now it’s your time to amend it and have your ideas and suggestions included.

Is it a good idea to have an Open Road Map?
  • Yes, a good step forward.
  • Not I have some comments.

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Is it OK that everyone can suggest a feature?
  • Yes, why not
  • Not that open, maybe they can be refined in a weekly meeting
  • I prefer only unicorns can submit a feature or product.

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Is it OK that roadmap will be prioritized with tokenLog?
  • Yes, absolutely
  • Yes, but with more public tokens rather than GIV or gGIV
  • Yes but reviewed and confirmed later by a WG or strategists.
  • No we have to make it more public to potential users who don’t have GIB or any other tokens.

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What a delightful feature! This is the kind of willing transparency and inclusivity that makes this community a privilege to observe. I have thought about suggesting features more than once, and this new mechanism will really help me feel like I can contribute to the ideation phase versus living behind the curve perpetually. Thanks for the post and breakdown @MoeNick =) Looking forward to increasing my participation!

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