Join Some Giveth Multisigs!

Hey Unicorns!
We are creating a Gnosis Multisig Safes for a few different items and want to include you!

You don’t have to have ever been on a Multisig before, but if you would like to join one and learn and feel comfortable doing so, please do!

Truly, with these Multisigs it is the more the merrier so if you qualify with your nrGIV tokens, don’t be shy! We need multiple people on each, so if someone volunteers to be on one don’t shy away from also volunteering if you’re willing to join.

If you are part of a Multisig, your wallet address is connected to it and is one of many that can sign transactions. If there are 12 people in a Multisig, and the threshold to execute is 6/12 signatures, then when 6 people sign, the transaction can be executed. If you are a part of one of these Multisigs, you will be responsible for signing transactions when necessary, but this responsibility is shared with the entire group in the Multisig.

If you have at least 3 nrGIV tokens you could be on the GIVreward Board multisig. The Reward Board multisig will hold our tokens allocated to this bucket and execute dispersing Rewards to contributors. This ends up being 3.5% of the GIV token total supply, 10% liquid at launch the rest streamed

If you have at least 6 nrGIV tokens you could be on the GIVliquidity multisig. The GIVliquidity multisig holds the tokens allocated to that bucket, holds and manages Mainnet liquidity pool tokens, and executes decisions made by the community for liquidity provision. It will hold 6.5% of the total supply, and it will remain liquid at launch, however the intention is to follow the rules of the stream, but because we don’t know what chain we will want to use these tokens on, we will keep the tokens liquid.

If you have at least 6 nrGIV tokens you could be on the Main Giveth Multisig. The Main Giveth Multisig holds Giveth donations, executes decisions on what to do with those donations, and acts as an Admin for our Token Distro on Mainnet, Unipool on Mainnet, and UniV3 Reward Token on Mainnet. It will not have any tokens allocation at launch

We need about 8 to 12 people for each multisig!

The deadline to volunteer for the multisig is Monday, we must deploy this by November 10th, so please volunteer before then!


How do we volunteer?

:raised_hand: I would like to be on the GIVliquidity Multipig
:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: and the Main Giveth Multisig
:raised_hands: Thank you!


Nominate yourself here!

I have over 6 nrGIV tokens and would like to be on all 3 multisigs


Just getting back from vacations, lots of wonders to sync

count me in, no doubt! Sounds exciting


I have over 6 nrGIV tokens and would like to be on all 3 multisigs!



I have 6 nrGIV tokens (proposal for 5 more is pending) and would be honored to be a signer on all 3 multisigs.


sign me up! I have 10 nrGIV tokens and I would be glad to sit on all 3 multisigs

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Count me in! I have more than 6 nrGIV tokens and I would be happy to be on all 3 multisigs…

I have 8 nrGIV, I would be honored to be on all 3 multisigs

I have over 6 nrGIV tokens and would like to be on all 3 multisigs!

I hold more than 6 NRGIV and I would like to at least be on the main multisig, but I can take in more if there is space for me as well!

Alright! It seems that I should be one of the multisign signers so I nominate myself this way. Thank you all!

Yeah I want to nominate myself on each multisig that you have room for me. thanks.

I nominate my self this way :wink:
Thank you guys.

Hey guys! I wanna join multisigs :slight_smile:

Hi guys,
Please count me in. :slight_smile:

Awesome! @ramramez @Donna.Oftadeh @Cherik Could you please just clarify which multisigs you’d like to be on? After this I will finalize the list! Thanks for joining! :slight_smile:

Hey! I like them all :slight_smile:

Security Guard OK with being on all the sigs

Thank you everyone for volunteering! You are all now on the Multisigs. Their addresses are as follows:

GIVreward Board Multisig: 0xcF5FD2cC19C69C33310CEB740F10BB10091211f3

GIVliquidity Multisig: 0xf924fF0f192f0c7c073161e0d62CE7635114e74f

Main Giveth Multisig: 0x4D9339dd97db55e3B9bCBE65dE39fF9c04d1C2cd

Thank you to everyone for stepping up to join these! Lets sign transactions together and keep Giveth funds safe :slight_smile: