Key Performance Indicators for Giveth

Following the discussion in the GOV call around PAN payments @MoeNick raised concerns that there are no KPIs for the Giveth WG.

It was mentioned in discussions when we were building the Circles and WGs that it would be good practice to have KPIs in place to track how well each WG is doing.

@markop raised some points in the meeting saying KPIs could be useful but for products instead of WGs

The purpose of this forum post is to track further discussion around KPIs within Giveth - should we implement? And if so, how?

Full comments from Governance call can be found in the meeting notes:


For KPI’s I like to take a non-traditional approach called “The Four Disciplines of Execution” that I learned in the book described in this article The Four Disciplines of Execution: Summary | by Julius Reizen | The Startup | Medium This article is a short summary of what is covered in the book, give it a read and let me know what you think.


This page introduces some tools that we can start using and test across different WGs: 9 OKR tools to keep everyone on-track

this is an example ow it works: