LTF ReFi Bootcamp - A public goods project illuminating regenerative solutions at scale through token technology

Proposal Information

Proposal description:
Giveth and the LTF ReFi Bootcamp.

The proposal is to bring on Giveth as a Gold Sponsor and embark on a public goods project with aims to illuminate regenerative solutions at scale through token technology.

Think less “bootcamp” and more “guided learning journey with a passionate, friendly group of mentors” (the latter just doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily).

The Token Engineering ReFi (Regenerative Finance) Bootcamp is a free 8 week education course that Longtail Financial is launching this summer. The course follows an open source curriculum and culminates in case studies, applied research, and capstone projects. The program will cover 5 educational streams of data science, software engineering, mathematics, scientific writing, and community building. Alumni of this program will graduate with an enhanced knowledge in Token Engineering and can apply what they have learned in the ReFi ecosystem.

Proposal Rationale
What does being a gold sponsor mean exactly?

  • Two seats reserved in the bootcamp for Giveth internal talent
  • Ability to submit up to 3 project proposals for students to complete during capstone phase
  • Ability to advise on and contribute to program curriculum
  • Dedicated sponsor spotlight post on LTF social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn); approximately 50 words.
  • Inclusion in official sponsor line-up posted in bootcamp Medium article
  • Continuous partnership integration opportunities with LTF and future iterations of the ReFi bootcamp

The bootcamp was created to produce an onboarding funnel of Token Engineering talent into the ReFi industry, an open source knowledge base of TE applied to this movement, and to allow LTF to share its engineering process and culture with the world.

This bootcamp is the first of many to come, LTF + Giveth is a recipe for eternal abundance.

Expected duration or delivery date:
The program has an intended start date for the 6th of July and has a duration of 8 weeks.

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

Longtail Financial is the organization launching this proposal (ReFi Bootcamp), and hence its host. LTF has been involved in Tokenomics design and research & simulations, working with different clients to find the best solutions. We believe our expertise makes us a suitable organization for hosting a program that educates fresh minds about the world of ReFi Token Engineering. LTF will be selecting some of its talented staff as mentors and each mentor will be providing guidance for the program participants. Every mentor is gifted in a different field, making the mentors a well rounded team.

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of GIV requested: 100k USD in GIV

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:
We are using the proposal inverter for this project for more details on this follow this link:


Interesting initiative but I don’t think I would support this proposal for a few reasons:

  • I don’t think the people most suitable to take the open spots from the sponsorship would have the bandwidth to participate in the bootcamp.
  • I feel like the label of a “public good” is on very shaky and vague terms.
  • Giveth in general should cool off on handing out sponsorships given market conditions. 100k worth of GIV is way too expensive at any rate.
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I have to agree with @mitch here… $100k of GIV at current conditions is not even in the realm of possibly passing.

Sponsoring ETHBarcelona barely passed and had a lot of extenuating circumstances for why it is highly beneficial for Giveth as a whole, with most of the team participating together.

IMO further sponsorships, in particular where individual members of the team would participate in something that pulls them away from their current focus, are not high on Giveth’s priorities.

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I think token engineering is such an important resource for DAOs to properly manage tokenomics correctly. I would love to see more Givethers developing these skills, especially if we want to help spin off micro-economies. However, the market conditions are undeniable… 100K seems to be too much at this time, especially if those tokens get swapped or sold increasing selling pressure.

I believe this project can provide a lot of value to the ReFi space, but some directions for me to consider supporting this project are:

A) Find a way to make sure not all tokens can be sold. Maybe a stream?

B) Maybe lower the tier, but keep two seats for the Giveth team. I think 100K with only two seats is a lot.

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I agree with the folks above under the cirumstances, as much as I love and support the amazing work of Longtail and Ygg and Sebnem and all the gang!

With the utmost respect for Giveth, its members feedback, and considering market conditions, we’d like to update our ReFi bootcamp sponsorship proposal

Instead of Golden Sponsorship, we’d like to propose the Green Sponsorship with an early-funder extension.

Updated Green Sponsorship
Admit internal talent as bootcamp students (1 seat reserved)
Submit 1 project proposal as case study for students to complete case study phase
Inclusion in official sponsor line-up posted in bootcamp Medium article.

Early-Funder extension
1 more seat, for any future LTF bootcamp for up to two years from now.
1 more Giveth project as case studies, for any future LTF bootcamp for up to two years from now.

The 1st bootcamp starts July 15th and goes for 2 months.
LTF is committed to regularly offering bootcamps after this one.

30k USD in GIV, paid after the bootcamp participants study a Giveth project as case study (around early September).
We’re open to discussing and implementing the best strategies for converting tokens with minimum impact.

The updated proposal above takes into account feedback about unavailability of suitable people and costs. Meanwhile, in this comment we’d like to reiterate our vision of continuous free, open source, 401 level, TE ReFi knowledge compounding to public goodness.
By the use of, among other things, appropriate licensing model (CC-BY), we’re inspired by DPG v1.1.2 standard requirements. Setting a standard for digital public goods

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I would personally be very interested in joining this bootcamp but I do not have the bandwidth this summer and I hesitate because I don’t know when/if there will be the next regular bootcamp, things shift quickly around these parts!

30k is even a tough sell for something that would not have a tangible or immediate impact for Giveth. After shelling out for the ETHBarcelona sponsorship and the market drop, from my perspective, Giveth is quite actively looking for funding itself and not in the right space to accomodate 30k sponsorships.

However I don’t speak for everybody, so I’ll leave it open for my colleagues to comment further.