Maximize Donation Impact on Gitcoin!

Throughout my time with Giveth I’ve learned a few things about Gitcoin grants that weren’t immediately obvious, but great to know! Here’s a quick summary of some things you could do during grants rounds to maximize the power of your donations.

Two Grants

First, it’s good to know that Giveth has 2 grants; one for and one for Giveth TRACE.

Quadratic Funding

With quadratic funding, the number of donors matters more than the amount funded. So even small donations to your favourite project can have a BIG impact.

Extra Matching from Panvala

Donating to Panvala league grants like our grant for in $PAN means they get EXTRA MATCHING (quadratic matching from gitcoin + extra matching from Panvala)

If you hold $PAN you can stake it on the Giveth community and increase the extra $PAN we get from Panvala’s matching program.

Commons Stack Community Fund

The Commons Stack Commmunity Fund has a grant on Gitcoin and a Project on This funds raised are used to give extra matching to grants, and they distribute the matching based on the votes of the Trusted Seed!

You can donate on Gitcoin or Giveth (use $PAN for extra matching) and then, if you hold CSTK, vote for your favourite grants (like Giveth!) by staking that CSTK here.

Trust Bonus

You can get a “trust bonus” on Gitcoin and increase the impact of your donation by verifying with BrightID, Proof of Humanity, Idena, POAP, and others. Get this activated by going to Gitcoin → “My Account” → “Trust Bonus”

And that’s a wrap!

I’m sure there are even more amazing ways that donations get multiplied, these are just the ones I know of. If you know any more, please leave it in the comments so we can all maximize our Giveth Love :heart:


Awesome post with some great info, thanks for explaining that all Lauren!

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Thanks Hannah!! :purple_heart: :unicorn: If we learn more donation hacks we could add them here and share next round