Mettodo for GIVpower delegate

What’s your name (or how you want to be called)?


What’s your Discord Handle?


What’s your Ethereum Address on Gnosis Chain?


Why should people choose you as a delegate for GIVpower?

I have been a consistent donor at Giveth and know about a number of cool projects

What is your statement of intention or your values & reasons for joining?
I already plan to use the GIVpower that I have to boost projects that I donate to; thus, having some more GIVpower to distribute will allow me to boost more of those projects and to boost them more. Since I usually donate every 2 weeks allocating any additional GIVpower that I have will be easy and helpful for people who are not that active.

What is your process for evaluating projects and deciding which ones to boost with the most GIVpower?

I am mainly interested in Commons and ReFi related projects. I usually find them on Twitter, TG or Gitcoin and have members that I have heard of.
I also like to trust new initiatives that might not have much traction yet and keep donating to them if they deliver according to their plans.
Once in a while I take a look at projects on Giveth and add those I find interesting to the “like” list. I only select verified projects.
I also like communities that are part of Panvala or that are building great tools: BrightID, 1Hive, Giveth, Metagame, TEC, etc.

How are you related with crypto, non-profits, public goods and/or Giveth?

I am part of two initiatives NIA and Njombe Beyond


Wow! First to throw the hat into the ring! Well done good sir!