Moderation Proposal -Draft

Proposal Information

Proposal description:
Creating official position to oversee moderation needs.

Proposal Rationale

  1. Protection from Scammers
  2. Stop Harassments
  3. Connect users to Support

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):
I have started Moderating for the Giveth Discord community already.
This is to expand upon this, and give me official duties.

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

giantkin as primary, on discord
Admin switch option - to make things easier. High risk item

Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:
*I am a current moderator/admin on several discords, and reddit pages.
Shapeshift, mooncoin, (mooncoinx2), Litedoge, deeponion, space craft alpha. Various apps- twitter,matrix,Telegram,skype, and others.

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

At the Moment, only payout would be usdc/xdai 60 , to be used for bot licensing.
Future, as growth happens
Future funding thoughts? usdc/xdai 200 DAI worth taken on 1st of month. Assuming only moderation duties.
Amount of GIV requested:
USDC/DAI/ or Giv equivalent of $60 /month for Bot fund.
usdc/dai/giv of 200 /month

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:
Current funding for bot licensing for security/QoL upgrades. any extra can be used on other useful bots, if any.

Thoughts: I was asked to help, and further asked to do more, so that others could focus on the Core of Giveth. I am willing to step up, slowly, and see if this fits with both our visions of the future.

  • 200 Dai worth of Giv + 60 for bots
  • 150 Dai worth of Giv + 60 for bots
  • 250 Dai worth of Giv + 60 for bots
  • More?
  • Less?

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Can we make this more than $60 a month :smiley: !!! Would love to reward you for your labor as well.


+1 to this moderation work is extremely important.

@Giantkin How many hours a week do you think you spend doing moderation work in Giveth?

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the $60/month is for bot funding. if this goes through, i would add a few bots, that have a free side, but are great after premium version. Most have a yearly price, around $53 ish. thats why i did $60 instead of $50. I figured i would add them, and get slowly reimbursed for the expense on those licenses. the $.50/month/member is my thought on a possible setup for labor reward. Not really needed yet, but maybe after the next step in users. Maybe after 2000 members or so. Nothing until a higher member count. My plan includes more than just me. I would bring another mod type person(s) in with me, set up a role for us to use. More for coverage etc. Im wanting to start slowly and mild.

Current time: is rather low, when my Betterdiscord works right, i have a tab open on giveth so im watching all the time. I mainly sit in the captcha room or General, and watch new logins. any reports ofc, would take me out into the other rooms. None so far, which is great.
at the .50 number, maybe ‘snapshot’ on the 1st of the month, and round it off. up/down. Thanks for the responses so far!


Briefly entering in the conversation… I refuse to have people not being compensated for their work in one way or another, what’s the point of everything we’re building then?


Thanks! So are my numbers way off? too low/too high? Looking for a starting position.

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I’m not too convinced at getting paid based on the amount of users on a server as it isn’t necessarily related to the amount of engagement/moderation effort, maybe there’s a better way to meter those contributions?

Based on the $.5*user, how much would it be now? I’m not sure what’s the size of the Giveth Server right now.

the Giveth Server has over 1500 Members so I think at a $0.5 rate it could get a bit overbudget. What about something to the tune of 200 DAI worth of GIV every month?


awesome! got a starting number! :slight_smile: thanks.
i’ll edit that in!

That closer to what sounds good?

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Not sure either. but one thought is, as the server grows, the difficulty exponentially grows.

200 vs 2000 vs 7000 are huge jumps.
at the 2000 member number, the raids arent to large. 5-10 bots at a time. at 7k members, those raids are 70-100 . I’ve seen the logs for 1000 bot raids on servers. (50k server size)

  So it all depends on what you are looking at ofc! :)

I was just looking at something to start with. super glad i got that.

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Let’s try to get some soft consensus around how much to pay you every month for your services - you could do this by creating a poll inside this forum post for example. once that is ready I can show you how to make a payment request from the nrGIV DAO


I want to touch on some things happening in the Community Circle that will go in tandem with the moderation team.

First off I want to say thank you to @Giantkin for stepping up to moderate in our server. It has really helped me to see how our server could be improved upon. I have been the main one doing moderation and admin stuff since joining Giveth with little to no experience with discord, bots, roles etc. I have learned a ton since then and I also realize that there are areas that I still don’t understand or have the bandwidth to champion. I am fully in support of the proposal you have put forth and would like to explore how we can collaborate.

We, the Communitas Working Group, have some Community Building plans being executed in the next few months according to our roadmap. We would like to implement some routines within the discord server and engage more of our community members. This includes changing up the format of the server a bit to be more inclusive of the broader community and to meet their needs better. We want to have different sections unlocked by roles, areas where project owners can collaborate, donors can learn more about projects, makers can promote their projects etc. and maybe have some fun interactive bots.

We are still in the earlier stages of this process and I would like to include you along the way as we develop these ideas into more tangible action items to not only get support in implementing things but also get your advice as far at discord channel layout and structure.

I would also like to learn from you as you implement the moderation flow so that I can contribute as well as onboard others who are interested in contributing. Please keep me in the loop!


Awesome! That was probably the best post about my discussion! :slight_smile: thank you so much. Theres a large number of things to be done. I was thinking of slow, so i dont overwhelm anyone. It does. Love to discuss etc.
Was thinking of moving this to the next step during or right after this weekend. Once i figure out how.
hit me up anytime.


Hi everyone! Came across the telegram group and had the surprise it was closed! So I am here because @WhyldWanderer pointed me to this post. So great @Giantkin that you are pushing this proposal.

Imho telegram should play a crucial role for the growth and globalization initiative and was a pity to see the channel closed as well managed should be the first point of contact and wider net to pour users to discord and the forum… Completely happy to help @Giantkin , not only that!it would be a honour to place some love into the telegram group to make it a giveth-catcher, also for not so so crypto people…

Just made a draft shieldy config with welcome texts, if any telegram admin wants to throw it to the mighty Shieldy.

language: en
captchaType: button
timeGiven: 90
adminLocked: true
restrict: true
noChannelLinks: true
deleteEntryMessages: true
greetsUsers: true
customCaptchaMessage: true
strict: true
deleteGreetingTime: 0
banUsers: false
deleteEntryOnKick: true
cas: false
underAttack: false
noAttack: false
buttonText: Yay!
allowInvitingBots: false
skipOldUsers: false
skipVerifiedUsers: false
restrictTime: 24
banNewTelegramUsers: true
Website -
Discord -
Forum -

/greetsUsers Welcome to the #Giveconomy! Wanna know more ?👇👀

/customCaptchaMessage Welcome to the Giveth telegram group $username. Are you a real #Giver ? Please hit that sweet button below before $seconds seconds

I think 200 DAI/month for work + 60 DAI/month for bots is an awesome starting point. It would be awesome to see moderation become a collaboration w/ commuitas so we can grow as things grow.

And I think if our server size increases a lot we can also increase the funding proposal as it goes. Thanks @Giantkin for pushing forward on this.


@mitch Any time this week to show me how to do that next step?
– nrGive Dao Thanks!

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I think the easiest thing is to connect with @freshelle and then we just manage this as part of the bulk monthly payments that happen, no need for such a small individual proposal… tell me if I am off my rocker @mitch


I mean it’s probably better for freshelle to make a separate payment request from the nrGIV DAO so we can have more transparency - also we’re paying in GIV so the payment request can go straight to @Giantkin and only needs to pass the 5 day voting settings.


Aragon $260 at $.37/giv 720.70 giv


April was such a quick month!
985.6997710143609 Giv (based on giv price: 0.264500 )(coingecko)